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    Live Music

    Chainides Live @ 7 Arts Place, 09/03/2024


    Mar 2024
    7 Arts Place See the Map

    15 Years SEVEN, Arts Place Saturday, March 9, 2024 10:00 PM Chainides

    Chainides return to SEVEN on March 9 for a unique concert! A collective of true art for over three decades. A journey of impeccable character and absolute consistency. A collective that dares to die and resurrect. A group that constantly evolves, takes risks, and experiments. An independent voice that is not afraid to speak when everyone else is silent. An unprecedented multifaceted presence in Greek chronicles: concerts, festivals, theatrical-dance performances, albums, books, comics, journalism. Playing and singing: Dimitris Apostolakis, Michalis Galanis, Dimitris Zacharioudakis, Peter Jaques, George Konstantinou, Michalis Nikopoulos, and Angeliki Syrkou. Sound Engineering: Kyriakos Papadopoulos Production Organization: Cricos Production Supervision: “SEVEN, Arts Place” – “Friends of SEVEN” Start Time: 22:00, doors open at 21:00 Presale (limited number) €13 – Door €15 Reservation Phone: 6974354460 “SEVEN, Arts Place”, Viro, Corfu Presale: Store “Korniza”, Spyros Arvanitaki 4, opposite Georgaki Square & Store “Grand Opticon”, Mantzarou 18, Corfu Sponsors: Mezedopoleio Mouragia, Scissors & Mezedopoleio, and “Avli



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