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    Cinema & Theatre

    Children’s play “The Blue Nose” at the Municipal Theater, 12/11/2023.


    Nov 2023
    Municipal Theater See the Map

    A clown with a blue nose, a leaky teapot, a lead actress with only half a line, a red tree, a peculiar elf, and an imaginative writer… are coming to the Corfu International Festival, and they invite you on Sunday, November 12, at 11:00 at the Corfu Municipal Theater. Free admission.

    A tender fairy tale for children of all ages, with a theme of tolerance for diversity and faith in our abilities, even with the greatest physical flaw…

    The BLUE NOSE by Claire Lionaki for children and teenagers (from 4 to… 94 years old)

    What do they have in common: a clown with a blue nose instead of the classic red nose, a teapot with a hole that can’t make tea, a lead actress who can only articulate a single sentence, and a tree that is completely red! What could they conclude other than having a very low level of self-esteem? However, this strange group will meet – not at all coincidentally – a rather peculiar elf, with whose help a painful yet entertaining journey towards truth and self-awareness will begin…

    What can happen when they all learn that they are products of the same Writer’s Imagination? A journey to the Land of Imagination to overturn those who want to confine our horizons and insist on coloring our dreams with their own colors… The work focuses on tolerance for diversity and faith in our abilities, even in the face of what we consider a flaw or physical imperfection. A tender fairy tale with lots of music and dance that illuminates the personal path we all have to tread.


    • Direction: Barbara Douka
    • Music: Platon Andritsakis
    • Set Design, Costumes: Konstantinos Zamanis
    • Choreography: Katerina Pagiataki
    • Lighting: Antonis Chondrogiannis


    • Clown: Christina Rokadaki
    • Tree: Zoi Bitchava
    • Teapot, Anemone: Maria Aravanitou
    • Lead Actress, Parrot: Angeliki Michalopoulou
    • Lake, Writer: Maria Oikonomou
    • Elf: Odysseas Kanellos
    • The Voice of the Sun, Platon Andritsakis

    Free admission.



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