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    Cinema & Theatre

    Dance Performance ‘Empty Space’ at the Municipal Theater, 20/10/2023


    Oct 2023
    Municipal Theater of Corfu See the Map

    The choreographer Olyvia Athanasoula, along with the d.OT. dance group, presents the dance performance ‘Empty Space’ at the Corfu International Festival on Friday, October 20th, at 9:00 PM at the Municipal Theater of Corfu.

    Olyvia Athanasoula, by illuminating her own world, exposes us to a scene that is already in progress. She outlines the moment when a person confronts their fears and, simultaneously, their inability to control what is happening.

    The choreographer uses the ‘Empty Space’ and gestures as choreographic tools to express the void that is created within us and in our interpersonal relationships after a significant loss, due to deep pain and a disruption of our balance, while interspersing the attempts to regain our strength and rebuild our reality.

    This void repeats itself in our lives, forcing us to play with it and fill it up from scratch each time, until we reconcile with this process and adapt to it, ‘like an endless vicious circle of creation and destruction.’ The kinesthetic research and purpose is for the dancers to move as a unified organism/body, which, however, consists of smaller autonomous units. CAST: Concept/Choreography: Olyvia Athanasoula Original Music: Hugo Varvoglis Piano, Composition, Performance: Nikos Saltas Lighting Design: Semina Papalexandropoulou Performers: Aphrodite Vervenioti, Elena Kontogoni, Marievi Lefkimmiati, Melina Balla, Christina Papaikonomou



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