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    Online Seminar “Manifesting Desires through the Law of Attraction,” November 19, 2023.


    Nov 2023

    Four-Hour Online Seminar: “Manifestation of Desires through the Law of Attraction – Opening the Energy Center of the Heart”

    Sunday, November 19, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM*
    *The same seminar will also be held in person in Corfu on Sunday, November 26, from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM.

    In recent years, the philosophy of the “Law of Attraction” has become well-known through the documentary and the book titled “The Secret.” In reality, this spiritual law tells us that wherever we give our time, thoughts, and energy, we will attract it, sooner or later.

    In this seminar, we will explore the myths and truths about the Law of Attraction and realize that we can attract what we want if we: 1) Overcome our limited beliefs, 2) Address a significant portion of our karmic accounts, 3) Learn to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t, 4) Eliminate the consciousness of deprivation, 5) Open the energy center of our heart, as the Law of Attraction operates through intense emotion, and 6) Adopt a steady attitude of gratitude in our lives to make quantum leaps in our consciousness.

    The Heartman Institute, a leading research center on the heart and its impact on human life, has proven that our hearts respond much faster than our brains to what is happening around us because emotions are more direct and powerful than thoughts. To achieve any change in our lives, our brain and heart need to come into harmony, and we need to heal that part of ourselves driven by intense emotions, which is none other than our heart.

    In this experiential seminar, we will work on all of the above and engage in: 1) Steps to achieve the Law of Attraction. We will also do: 2) Exercises-Assignments, 3) Visualization, 4) Meditation, 5) Clearing for opening our fourth energy center, and 6) Experiment with energy psychology, specifically EFT, to change our beliefs. We will explore these and many other interesting topics in the seminar.

    The seminar will be conducted by Tania Roumkou, Speaker-Author-Life Coach, via the Skype platform.

    Click here to express interest in the seminar.

    Tania Roumkou, a life coach and author, is active on the island of Corfu, contributing voluntarily to seminars and talks. She coordinates the Self-awareness Group in Corfu with weekly meetings every Friday evening at seven, at the Labor Center of Corfu.

    For participation information, contact via email: artemisapollon14@gmail.com Mobile contact: 6981091261
    Website: Life Coaching by Tania Roumkou
    Facebook: Tania Roumkou, Spirituality Corfu, Life Coaching-Psychology



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