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    Cinema & Theatre

    Echoes Film Festival 2023 @ Polytechno, 28 & 29/10/2023


    Oct 2023


    29 Oct 2023
    See the Map

    The new Greek music and film festival “Echoes Film Festival” is coming to Corfu for the first time on the 28th and 29th of October for a two-day event that will fill the big screen with sounds and images from fiction and documentary films of short and feature length.

    The first EFF will take place at the alternative cultural space “Polytexno,” inviting music and film enthusiasts to a fresh film festival. Through a multidimensional program that combines award-winning feature-length documentaries from international cinema with short films and music videos by emerging directors, the Echoes Film Festival aims to highlight the power of music through the seventh art.

    By choosing Corfu as the venue, an island with a strong musical identity rooted in centuries, the newly established festival aims to honor tradition while emphasizing the significance of music in the present.

    For its debut in the festival scene, the Echoes Film Festival opens with the masterful music documentary “Ennio” by the Oscar-winning director of “Cinema Paradiso,” Giuseppe Tornatore. This documentary pays tribute to the legendary Italian composer, orchestrator, and conductor whose music adorned some of the most important films of the 20th century, shaping global cinematic music. Directors, screenwriters, musicians of the world cinema and music unfold Morricone’s work and life through interviews. EFF23 will have the honor of hosting Yolanda Boucharjar, a member of the Cultural Association of Friends of Music Ennio Morricone Greece, who will introduce the documentary on behalf of the association that supports the film and its participation in the festival.

    The second day of the festival begins with the observational documentary by George Vitsaropoulos, “A Dance Class,” which takes us through the teenage dance group of the New Voutza Athletic Club during the pandemic period. The dancers transform their rooms into dance studios while preparing for exams, trying to overcome the trauma of a fire that struck the area and marked Greece’s recent history.

    In the second part of the final day of Echoes, the audience will discover a collection of 8 short films by emerging and recognized international directors. Among others, the program includes the award-winning “SHE” by Emil Dam Seidel, which premiered at the Museum of Photography in New York (Fotografiska Museum New York) and has been screened at more than 30 festivals, the Oscar-nominated “A Concerto Is A Conversation” by Emmy-winning Ben Proudfoot, which tells the story of music and race in America, and “Symphonic Sketches,” which presents a classical music concerto through the perspectives of three different people.

    Conductors, dancers, composers, and music enthusiasts take over the big screen, highlighting music as a means of expression, creation, and its role in society at the first Echoes Film Festival.



    • 20:00 – 22:40 | “Ennio,” 156′, Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy, 2021


    • 20:00 – 21:30 | “A Dance Class,” 90′, George Vitsaropoulos, Greece, 2023

    Short Film Program: 21:40-23:15

    • “A Day Without Prohibition,” 15′, Elisa Kujala, Finland, 2022
    • “SHE,” 8′, Emil Dam Seidel, Sweden, 2021
    • “A Concerto Is A Conversation,” 13′, Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers, United States, 2020
    • “A Feast That Never Comes,” 15′, Maria Juranic, United States, 2022
    • “Wannabe,” 13′, Josie Andrews, United States, 2022
    • “Ma Fatsh Leah,” 4′, Marion Auvin, France, 2022
    • “Piano Pieces,” 3′, Gerd Gockell, Switzerland, 2022
    • “Symphonic Sketches,” 9′, Chris Barron, United States, 2023



    39 Scholi-Vourgareli, 491 31 Corfu

    Phone: 2661 027794

    Start Time: 20:00

    Free Admission





    Organization: HFP – Phone: +30 21 0614 1195

    Press and Media Office:

    Alice Seferou, press@hf-p.com, 694 716 2391



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