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    Exhibitions & Events

    Event for the World Day of the Greek Language, 08/02/2024


    Feb 2024
    Ionian Academy See the Map

    ACHEPA of Corfu, Ionian University, and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu honor


    An interesting event with distinguished scientists and significant personalities will be offered to us by the Department of ACHEPA of Corfu, the Ionian University, and the Ephorate of Antiquities of the island, honoring the celebration of the World Day of the Greek Language on February 8th (officially celebrated on February 9th). The invited speakers include the renowned journalist Vicky Flessa, known for her programs on the Greek language, Professor Giannis Corinthios of the University of Calabria, a pioneer and inspirer in establishing the worldwide celebration of the Greek Language Day, and Professor Vasilis Letsios of the Ionian University.

    On the morning of February 8th at 11 am at the Ionian Academy, the speakers will welcome students from the island’s secondary education for an interactive presentation on the evolution of our language, its history, the use of homophonic and homographic words from other languages, and many previously unknown pieces of information about the oldest language on the planet, the Greek language.

    This event will be covered online so that schools from all over Greece can both watch and participate with questions. In the evening at 7:30 pm, the event adapted for the public will be presented at the ground floor of the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, located at Vraila Armeni 7, with free admission for everyone and maintaining its interactive character.

    Vicky Flessa, Giannis Corinthios, and Vasilis Letsios will approach topics related to the Greek language through their scientific and professional journey, discussing and answering questions from the audience, analyzing every aspect of the subject.

    The event is curated by the Deputy Governor of ACHEPA Greece and a doctorate from the Ionian University, Nikos Dimitropoulos.



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