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    Exhibitions & Events

    ELSON VR at the Ionian Assembly, September 25-29, 2023


    Sep 2023


    29 Sep 2023
    9.00 - 12.00
    Ionian Assembly See the Map


    Classical music meets virtual reality. September 25-29, 2023 IONIAN ASSEMBLY Free Admission

    “In an era where classical music as a concept seems somewhat distant, incomprehensible, or even foreign to a large part of our society, today more than ever, we need to invent new, creative ways of coexisting and connecting with our audience. ELSON VR, which our orchestra introduces to the contemporary music scene, is one of our ways to make the musical masterpieces of another era accessible to today’s audience.” Dionysis Grammenos, Founder & Artistic Director of ELSON

    How would you like to attend a concert through a… mask? A particularly pioneering event has begun today, and the public will have the opportunity to attend from September 25-29 as part of the Corfu International Festival with free admission to the Ionian Assembly. ELSON VR. Using state-of-the-art Virtual Reality equipment and 360° audiovisual material from live orchestra performances, ELSON innovates and offers a different experience to the audience. Through the ELSON VR mask, the “viewer” is transported to a live concert, among the young musicians of the orchestra, with the opportunity to enjoy significant works by composers such as Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Weber, Mahler, and Schubert. ELSON VR – The concert… differently! A groundbreaking experience beyond any space and time limitations. At the Corfu International Festival. ELSON VR INFORMATION September 25-29, 2023 IONIAN ASSEMBLY Free Admission OPERATING HOURS: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zneMxNffUCw The ELSON VR initiative was designed by Dionysis Grammenos and is funded by the Ioannis S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. The pioneering ELSON VR initiative also serves educational purposes. It introduces students to symphonic music through interactive workshops, where the coexistence of cutting-edge music and technology offers a new, contemporary world of possibilities, experiences, and learning. The Corfu International Festival is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Greek National Tourism Organization with the invaluable support of sponsors, friends, and volunteers. The Corfu International Festival is implemented within the framework of the Regional Operational Program Ionian Islands-ESPA 2014-2020, with the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands as the implementing body. Artistic Director: Dionysis Grammenos Production Organization: LabyardProductions Communication Manager: Nikos Erinakis The program of the Corfu International Festival will be announced on the website: www.corfuif.gr Follow the Corfu International Festival on Social Media: Facebook – Instagram

    And subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the festival’s videos General information – Contact: info@corfuif.gr

    Contact phone: 0030 2661 200254 Ticket Offices – Ticket Information: tickets@corfuif.gr



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