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    Live Music

    Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis Live @ 7 Arts Place, 20/01/2024.


    Jan 2024
    7 Arts Place See the Map

    Winter 2023-2024

    Tenth Thursday Period, Second Cycle

    15 Years EPTA, Arts Place Saturday, January 20, 2023 10:00 PM GIORGOS & NIKOS STRATAKIS

    “My prayer, when I address it to God, I tell Him more for you than for myself… Be well so that I have a reason to laugh, to hold the beloved in your two hands,” say the two gifted brothers from Megalonisos, Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis, who have rightfully earned their place in our hearts. Faithful to what they sincerely love to do for years without any hesitation, they tirelessly and creatively pursue their own unique musical path, taking us through their musical concerns and ideas. They continue to leave their precious mark on the artistic scene while remaining effortlessly connected to their roots, with a deeper and unique individual and collective strength. For Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis, tradition is an active and not a static process, a naturally dynamic transfer of emotional load from generation to generation. Love songs, romance, allegories, and stories taken from our lives are narrated through singing at every concert-festival they organize. The mood peaks in a few minutes through dance and their energy, and the program is aimed at anyone who appreciates good music. This year, we will meet them in music venues, theaters, taverns, bars, and multipurpose spaces in an unprecedented winter program-surprise. Wanting to respond to the constant love of their audience, Giorgos & Nikos Stratakis will embrace every corner of our place so that we can all dance and sing together in an embrace, and one thing is certain… once will never be enough! In this program, there is no fatigue and insomnia, no kilometers and transportation; there is only the need for contact through art! Their journey and collaborations reveal their value both in the field of tradition and the contemporary artistic scene. With 10 total discographic productions in their musical arsenal, along with additional ones added over time and occasional special productions, they will present a conglomerate of their musical concerns. Giorgos and Nikos Stratakis welcome us with great joy on Saturday, January 20, in Corfu, for a unique musical evening!


    “Korniza” Store, Spyrou Arvanitaki 4, opposite Georgaki Square & “Grand Opticon” Store, Mantzarou 18, Corfu ON SPOT | €17

    Production Coordination: “EPTA, Arts Place” – “Friends of EPTA”

    Start Time: 22:00, doors open at 21:00

    Reservation Phone: 6974354460

    “EPTA, Arts Place,” Viro, Corfu



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