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Saint Paraskevi Monastery celebrations at Benitses

Γιορτή στο Μοναστήρι της Αγίας Παρασκευής στις Μπενίτσες Κέρκυρα Saint Paraskevi Monastery celebration Benitses Corfu


Jun 2022
Saint Paraskevi Monastery Benitses See the Map
Come and join us tonight for the Saint Paraskevi Monastery celebrations!
20:00 (8pm) 25 July, locals and tourists alike will pay respects to Saint Paraskevi, as they do every year. The Benitses Football Association usually organize a little fiesta, too, offering succulent souvlaki and refreshments.
The priest will be giving blessings and offering ‘artos’, the holy bread, blessed by the church. You can fill your water bottle at the monastery’s renowned holy spring and enjoy the breathtaking view over Benitses.
On the morning (08:30) of the 26th July, there will be a mass at the monastery to celebrate the main day. Everyone’s invited to come along and enjoy the traditional celebrations!
Source: Benitses Cultural Association


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