Holy Friday

Μεγάλη Παρασκευή στην Κέρκυρα Πάσχα Ε


Apr 2023


14 Apr 2023
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On Holy Friday before noon the churches are filled with believers for the ceremony of the procession of the dead Jesus in a white sheet, in a moving atmosphere and with a funeral bell. Then the children scatter in the neighborhoods asking for flowers for the Epitaph. Its decoration is almost exclusively the work of young girls and at noon the Epitaphs are exposed in a pilgrimage. All the churches of the city organize the procession of their Epitaphs, in a specific order and with the participation of musicians, choirs, schools, scouts and others. The choirs of the Holy Temples and especially of the Metropolis, as well as the Municipal Choir, sing “Praise” all night long, while the appropriate renditions by the philharmonic bands include adaptations of the classical works: “Adagio” by Albinoni, from the Corfu Philharmonic Society (“Old”) “Marcia Funebre” by Verdi from the Mantzaros Philharmonic Society (“Blue”) Mourning elegy “Sventura”, by Mariani and “Mourning Expedition” by Chopin from the Kapodistrias Philharmonic Society.

Epitaphs in the city of Corfu

The Epitaph of the Pantocrator comes out first in Campiello, to be followed by all the others until 10 in the evening when the Epitaph of the Diocese comes out – always majestic. In an intensely emotional atmosphere, the philharmonic orchestras play mourning processions. Those who hold lanterns and scales (the four-sided banners) lead and wave the flashes up close, creating an inner awe.

14:00 Ι .Ν. Pantocratoras (Campiello)

Ι .Ν. Υ.Θ. Spilaiotissis (New Fortress) Organization: Corfu Naval Station

15:00 Ι .Ν. St. Nikolaou ton Loutra (Gate of Agios Nikolaos). Organization: M.A.E.ΔΗ.Κ.

Π.Ε. Scouts of Corfu

16:00 Ι .Ν. St. Georgiou (Old Fortress). Organization: Organization of Corfu Events 16:30 Ι .Ν. St. Panteleimonos (Psychiatric Hospital)

17:00 Ι. Monastery of Ag. Efimias (Mon Repos)

17:15 I.N. Υ.Θ. Hodegetria – Panagiopoula (Porta Remunda). Organization: Corfiat Expression Agency.

17:30 Ι. Monastery of Y.Th. Kassopitras (Figareto)

Ι .Ν. Analipseos (Analipsi) I.N. St. Georgiou (Mandouki)

18:00 Ι .Ν. St. Panton (City)

Ι .Ν. Of Resurrection (AD Municipal Cemetery)

Ι .Μονή St.. Theodoron (Stratia)

19:00 Ι .Ν. St. Sofias (Evraiki)

Ι .Ν. St. Triados (Garitsa)

Ι .Ν. Saints Jason and Sosipatros (Garitsa)

Ι .Ν. St. Konstantinos and Eleni (Koulinis)

Ι .Ν. Υ.Θ. Assumption of the Mamalon (Kogevina Hill)

19:15 Ι .Ν. St. Paraskevis (Porta Remunda)

Ι .Ν. St. Antoniou (Spilia)

19:30 Ι .Ν. St. Spyridon Sarokou (Kotsela)

Ι .Ν. St. Eleftheriou (City)

Ι .Ν. Υ.Θ. Vlacherna (Garitsa)

20:00 Ι .Ν. Υ.Θ. Faneromenis / Panagia ton Xenon (Plakada tou Agiou)

Ι .Ν. Of Saints Three Martyrs (Garitsa)

20:30 Ι .Ν. St. Vasileiou (Pinia)

Ι .Ν. St. Nikolaou ton Geronton (Kampielo)

Ι .Ν. St. Ioannou tou Lazou (Kefalomantouko)

Ι .Ν. St. Varvarou (River)

I.N. St. Nikolaou Alykon (Alykes)

21:00 I. N. Ag. Spyridon, Procession of the Epitaph inside the Church, to the sounds of the Corfu Philharmonic Society

Ι .Ν. St. Ioannis (Piazza)

Ι .Ν. Saints James & Christopher (Roman Catholic Diocese / Duomo)

22:00 Holy Metropolitan Church of Y.Th. Spilaiotissis (Spilia)



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