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    Observation of Persides from Avlaki beach, 12/08/2023

    Παρατήρηση Περσίδων Αυλάκι


    Aug 2023

    “The Perseids on Erimitis” Time: 21:30. The Corfu Astronomical Society, in collaboration with “Erimitis Plus Environmental Protection of Northern Corfu Bay,” is organizing a stargazing night to observe the Perseid meteor shower on Saturday, August 12th, 2023, starting at 21:30 at “Aulaki” Beach in North Corfu.

    During the event, there will be sky mapping (recognition of constellations) and a telescope will be available for observing celestial objects. Additionally, a brief update from the association’s board will provide information about the area and the current situation on Mount Hermits.

    The Perseids are meteor showers (or shooting stars, as commonly known) originating from the remnants of Comet 109P Swift-Tuttle (dust or small particles) encountered by Earth during its orbit around the Sun, entering the atmosphere at immense speeds (58 km/s), resulting in their combustion due to atmospheric compression. They are named Perseids because they appear to originate from the Perseus constellation (radiant point). The best way to observe them is in a dark sky, lying down in a westward direction. Participants are advised to bring items to lie down on the beach comfortably, clothing for humidity, mosquito repellent, and for those staying late, their containers… and water. We remind you that access to Mount Hermits is prohibited at night.




    Get highlights of mykerkyra.com delivered to your inbox



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