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    Puppet Theater Performance, January 27, 2024


    Jan 2024
    Equal Open Day Center for the Homeless See the Map

    Puppet Theater Performance at the Equal Open Day Center for the Homeless


    The Equal Open Day Center for the Homeless in Corfu will open its doors on Saturday, January 27, at 12:30 to welcome its young friends to an entertaining interactive puppet theater performance by the group “3 Laloun.” The story of Irene begins with a person who grew tired of war. The puppeteer Trygaios will thunder everything, risking his own life, fly to Olympus on a giant beetle, and demand an explanation from the Gods.

    “Why should peace be absent from the world?”
    The surprises and obstacles encountered will find a solution through his desire for peace, dedication, and collaboration with all those who are tired of war but do not sit idly by.

    Performance by: Thomas Gouzias
    Set and puppets:
    Thomas Gouzias – Eleni Kanta – Anastasia Karafylla
    Direction: Eleni Kanta
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Special thanks to Theodora and Elina Provata, through whom this action becomes a reality. We also thank the Medical Surgical Society of Corfu, the Urban Transport Cooperative of Taxi Owners in Corfu, the Pirate Playground, and the Copyshop Photocopying Center for their support.

    We invite all children to a journey of imagination and creativity, where they will help and participate in deciding the course of the story. Free admission: Reservation required at 2661081855 (weekdays 9:00-17:00).



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