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    Cinema & Theatre

    Performance ‘The Dreamer’ at the Municipal Theater Studio, 01-04/12/2023.


    Dec 2023


    4 Dec 2023
    Municipal Theater Studio See the Map

    On December 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2023, at the Municipal Theater Studio, witness the performance “The Dreamer,” a physical theatre piece by Aristotelis Magoulas.

    A man lives alone in a place without a name, beyond the boundaries of time. Wearing the cloak of his soul, he confronts his fears, demons, and dreams, experiencing a rare mental disorder filled with visions and audio-visual hallucinations.

    A meeting with the Dreamer, who comes like a godsend to save him, will make him rebel, aiming to see his life with a different, clearer perspective. Free from his own self, he will embark on a new life full of dreams. Who is the Dreamer? You will know him only when your heart seeks the fire to find what it’s looking for. Come with me, and perhaps you will remember again that the dream is the most real thing there is.

    Narration Texts:

    • Elio D’Anna – The School of Gods
    • Elio D’Anna – The Technology of Dreamer
    • Fernando Pessoa – The Book of Disquiet

    A few words from the director: Physical theatre is purely based on the actor’s kinesiology. His speech is expressed on stage through improvisation, as theatre is a living organism that constantly changes and evolves, much like a human being.

    Composition – Performance – Direction: Aristotelis Magoulas Lighting Design: Antonis Chondrogiannis Production: Limitless Productions


    Ticket Presale: €10 (via ticketbox) Door Entrance: €12 Reduced: €8



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