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    Cinema & Theatre

    Performance “Lambros” by Dionysios Solomos at the Municipal Theatre, 14/09/2023

    Ο Λάμπρος


    Sep 2023
    Municipal Theater of Corfu See the Map

    10,00€ / Free entrance for disabled people

    Dionysios Solomos had said: “Lambros will remain an excerpt.”

    The graduating students of the Drama and Music School of the Athens Conservatory are confronted with this fragmented masterpiece and present us with the story of Lambros, composing a multi-layered narrative at the Corfu International Festival on Thursday, September 14th, at 9:00 PM at the Municipal Theatre of Corfu.

    Dionysios Solomos had named Lambros: “the poem of the little illegitimate children.”

    Here, he will dare to present a hero of the revolution without idealizing him, to speak about the position of women, the anguish of illegitimate children, the hypocrisy of society. The three heroes: Lambros, Maria, and their daughter Maria, in the turmoil of the era, will battle with their own monsters. Little Maria, like another Oedipus, seeking who she is, will be led into the arms of her father, who will commit incest, while the older Maria will sing, waiting. The heroes will wander through poetry and music until they confirm their tragic Fate.

    In the performance, the poetic outbursts, the notes of the manuscripts in Greek and Italian, the lyrical youthful songs, and the notes of I. Polyilas create a poetic mosaic. The original music composition and set design are critically important.

    The actors, transitioning from the narrator’s position to their role, immerse themselves in the world of our great Poet. The musicians, through the piano, cello, and clarinet representing the three heroes, follow their emotional journeys. The set design creates the landscape of the Ioannina lake, where they will be submerged, seeking another world, better than this one. The performance is a continuation of its radio version. The prototype radio work was broadcast on March 27 (World Theatre Day), 2023, on the Third Program of the Hellenic Radio, and is a collaboration between the Third Program of the Hellenic Radio and the Athens Conservatory, initiated by Agis Gkiftopoulos.

    Direction-Dramatic processing: Rhenia Kyriazi (Voice Teacher at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory) Music Composition: Giannis Bokas (Diploma and First Prize in Composition at the Athens Conservatory Music School) Movement: Alkisti Polychroni (Movement Teacher at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory) Set Design: Marianna Nicolaou (Set Design Teacher at the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory) Projection Images: Sophia Houliara Lighting: Konstantinos Arvanitakis (Director of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory)

    CAST: The students of the third year of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory: Kalliopi Antampoufi, Artemis Valtzaki, Danae Georgoula, Angeliki Delithanasi, Vasilis Zafiroploulos, Margarita Klagou, Kondylia Konstantelaki, Thomas Makrigiannis, Christos Markopoulos, Nandia Baimpa, Angelos Pappas, Solonas Petrakopoulos, Petros Pigas, Alexandra Rouvela, Ioannis Siamplias, Alina Tsiammpoula, Giota Chnari MUSICIANS: Students of the Music Schools of the Athens Conservatory: Cello: Nasos Kokkonis Clarinet: Katerina Moustaki Piano: The composer, Giannis Bokas Pronunciation of Italian: Dimitris Vezyroglou (Musical Preparer (co-repetitor) in operas and oratorios at the Athens Conservatory)

    START TIME: 9:00 PM TICKET PRICES: €10.00 / General Admission, Free Admission for People with Disabilities PRESALE: At www.corfuif.gr / Ticket Box / Event Entrance



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