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    Cinema & Theatre

    Performance “When the Whales Sing” at the Small Stage, 19/11/2023.


    Nov 2023
    Small Stage of the Corfu Municipal Theater See the Map

    The Corfu International Festival, in collaboration with the Black Sheep theater group, presents the performance “When the Whales Sing” on Sunday, November 19, at 20:00, at the Small Stage of the Corfu Municipal Theater.

    Once upon a time, somewhere not too close, yet not too far, in an entirely authoritarian regime, not entirely the same as the one we live in, but not entirely different either, six women come up with an improvised plan. And just when they think they’ve escaped where “the city can’t be seen,” their determination will be tested as they face their worst enemy… Nature itself. This is a contemporary work, presented for the first time, set in a dystopian environment where the boundaries between comedy and tragedy are faint. The story unfolds through the friendship of six women, with humorous discussions and inner quests. Inspired by Aeschylus’ “The Suppliants,” it raises timeless questions such as: What is the value of human life without freedom? How many sacrifices is a human existence willing to make to live it without restraints? What are the limits of human endurance in the face of the elements of nature? Where does humanity begin and end when our very lives are at stake? Hope is the most powerful concept in human history. Its presence can change the course of the world, and its absence can lead to the abyss. The heroines of our work “hope,” and we are with them from the beginning to the end of the perilous journey they dared to undertake.


    • Direction, Text: Katerina Kypreou
    • Dramaturgy: Georgios Adamantiadis
    • Assistant Director: Alexan Sariyan
    • Movement Direction: Konstantinos Karvouniaris
    • Lighting Design: Dimitris Logothetis
    • Choreography: Frantseska Kaporimo
    • Music: Alexan Sariyan
    • Set Design: Aimilia Spachai


    • Elena Voutsi
    • Elanthi Koumarioti
    • Katerina Kypreou
    • Frantseska Kaporimo
    • Chrysa Ntai
    • Aimilia Spachai

    Production: Blacksheep Theater Group Organisation and Production Support: Corporate Troupe Delos Communication: Marika Arvanitopoulou | Art Ensemble

    START TIME: 20:00 TICKET PRICES: €10.00 / General admission, Free entrance for people with disabilities PRE-SALE: At www.corfuif.gr / Ticket Box / Event Entrance



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