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    Cinema & Theatre

    Puppet Show “The Conspiracy of the Goat” in Karousades, August 27th, 2023.

    Η συνωμοσία της Κατσίκας


    Aug 2023

    5 euro

    The Crete Puppet Theater is coming to Corfu once again on Sunday, August 27th, at 8:15 PM in Karousades. In collaboration with the Parents and Guardians Association of the Elementary School. Following the great success of the play “The Fishmonger,” the new production “The Goat’s Conspiracy” is here! Using the technique of black theater and impressive constructions. A few words: Thomas and Mary-Goat, two inseparable friends, travel around the world to live wherever Spring exists..! The only reason? Juicy strawberries and tender grass! Thus, their journey takes them to the unknown land of Pardalomygia! There, they become the unique witnesses of an incredible conspiracy. Two soldiers are preparing a major attack to conquer the palace and overthrow the King of Pardalomygia. The two friends would surely leave this dangerous country, if the beautiful Princess was not encountered by Thomas along his way. Love is lightning..! Will Thomas manage to marry her? However, he must defeat the King in a game of chess! Otherwise, he will lose his life. Will they manage to prevent the soldiers’ attack? And one more thing, what role do flies play in a country full of them? The solution will be provided by Mary-Goat with the ingenious plan of a perfect.. Conspiracy! Suitable for the whole family! Entrance fee: 5 euros.



    Get highlights of mykerkyra.com delivered to your inbox


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