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    TEDxIonianUniversity | The Secrets Of Time, 11/11/2023


    Nov 2023
    Ionian Academy See the Map

    The Secrets Of Time

    Welcome to TEDxIonianUniversity, where we unravel the secrets of time and explore its existence. Time, both as a concept and as a dimension, shapes our lives. Inspired by the mythical figure of Cronus, the titan of time, and guided by the principles of physics, we have designed a captivating conference!

    As we delve into the complex nature of time, let’s contemplate the rotations of the Earth, the celestial dance of our planet around the Sun, and the phases of the Moon. These cosmic rhythms have shaped our perception of days, years, and months, forming the foundation of our global calendars.

    “The Secrets of Time” invite us to unravel its mysteries and embrace its transformative power. Together, we will challenge our perceptions and explore the possibilities that the passage of moments holds within various fields such as art, well-being, marketing, academia, journalism, and mentoring.

    Secure your spot with us on this extraordinary mission, where inspiration and knowledge converge. Let’s unlock the hidden secrets of time because within its enigmatic embrace, we discover the true potential of our shared human experience.


    TEDxIonianUniversity is hosted every year in a remarkable monument of architecture and history – the renowned Ionian Academy. With a grandeur that transcends time, this three-story monument of exceptional beauty is much more than just a venue for our events.

    We look forward to seeing you there!



    Get highlights of mykerkyra.com delivered to your inbox



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