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    Cinema & Theatre

    “Theater Escape” at the Studio of the Municipal Theatre, 26-28/01/2024


    Jan 2024


    28 Jan 2024
    Studio of the Municipal Theater of Corfu See the Map

    After the tremendous success of the new performance on the theme of the escape by the Docs Theatre team of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu (DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ), the production returns for three more shows on January 26, 27, and 28, 2024, at 21:00 at the Studio of the Municipal Theatre of Corfu.

    *Note: In slang, “τηγκανά” means to leave or depart, derived from the phrase “την κάνω” (to leave).

    The DOC’s Theatre team was established in 2016 by members of the workshops of DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ. Corfu, exploring new avenues of artistic expression. They are particularly interested in documentary theater (verbatim theatre) and devised theater techniques, which they study and use in their performances and presentations.

    Previous Performances:

    • “Τεριρέμ: Μαρτυρολόγιο Γυναικών” (“Terirem: Women’s Testimony”)
    • “Caesium-133. Ένα δοκίμιο για το χρόνο” (“Caesium-133: An Essay on Time”)


    • Concept – Movement – Direction: Eugenia Zagoura
    • Research – Costumes – Set Design: DOC’s Theatre Team
    • Writing and Composition of Texts: Fotini Dimouli

    Cast (in order of appearance):

    • Konferasié: Olga Tziliou
    • Nondas: Nikos Karalis
    • Melina: Sofia Georgiadou
    • Alexandros: Aris Manatos
    • Charoula: Chrysanthi Panteli
    • Froso: Fotini Dimouli
    • Agatha: Maria Kouri, Angeliki Kastrinaki
    • Emanuela: Eleni Zagoura

    Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design: Xanthos Tsafalopoulos Video Protagonists:

    • Melina: Sofia Georgiadou
    • Skateboard Boy: Spyros Moutevelidis (Professional skateboarder) Lights and Sound: Antonis Chondrogiannis Visual Effects: George Kandylaris Poster and Program Design: Fileni Lorandou

    Note from the Director (Eugenia Zagoura): “My desire to break the hard limitations of everyday life was the initial inspiration for creating this performance on the theme of escape. The repressed dreams of my adolescence (1980s) and the compromises, both small and large, made in the course of my life, led me to travel with the team members on familiar and unfamiliar paths of our imagination. Thus, ‘Τηγκανά’ emerged, a performance resulting from a collective and creative process, where research and exploration of personal stories shaped the script, and improvisation joined hands with the design of the artistic theatrical work. I want to thank all the contributors to the performance for the trust they once again showed me.”

    Note from the Artistic Director of DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ Corfu (Vavara Douka): “The DOC’s Theatre team of DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ Corfu presents a performance based on personal stories and improvisations, focusing on the condition of people who feel they need to leave. In slang, it’s ‘to make it’ or, as adolescents say, ‘τηγκανά.’ So, ‘τηγκανά’ from our lives, from the conditions, the people, the circumstances that keep us or that we think are holding us back, dedicated to those who left or those who never left. We are particularly happy that, after the years of the pandemic, the DOC’s Theatre team of DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ captures the collective sentiment for ‘movement,’ for a redirection of personal and collective dreams, and for stripping away vital lies, conveying pleasantly, in an imaginative and theatrical way, what we all think: ‘Can we do what and what we dreamed of in time?'”

    For more information and seat reservations, contact the offices of DΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ. Corfu at 2661040136 from 10:00 to 13:00.



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