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    Cinema & Theatre

    Theater: ‘The Jacket of Harley, or All’s Well Again’ Dates: March 8-10, 2024


    Mar 2024


    10 Mar 2024
    Corfu Municipal Theater See the Map

    Theater: ‘The Jacket of Harley, or All’s Well Again’ by Vasilis Katsikonouris on tour

    Featuring Marianna Toumasatou

    Friday, March 8, Saturday, March 9, and Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Municipal Theater of Corfu

    Director: Alexandros Stavrou

    “A woman, at night, outside the guardhouse at Unknown Soldier Square, Syntagma Square…”

    A Greek mother, familiar and touching…

    A new generation that will always rebel and must always be heard…

    The iconic monologue “The Jacket of Harley” will be presented in the upcoming theater season by Theatrical Enterprises Erofili (Erofili Productions) in Thessaloniki and Athens, and on tour throughout Greece.

    The masterpiece by Vasilis Katsikonouris comes to life once again on stage, with Marianna Toumasatou and directed by Alexandros Stavrou.

    A particularly moving narrative, a unique theatrical experience that reminds us that every era has its needs, and the youth will always need someone to support them as they soar freely into their future without risking getting lost.

    A monologue – a lament of a woman at the crossroads between harshness and tenderness, wisdom and madness, comedy, and tragedy. She speaks to her son, the guard at the Unknown Soldier monument. Despite himself, he will have to listen, just as in the past when his mother spoke to him, he would leave. Now he is defenseless against her.

    Defenseless herself, she only has an umbrella to hide beneath, as a refuge from reality. And when reality doesn’t suit her, the umbrella saves her again, like a tightrope walker on a wire.

    To continue to balance on the edge of ‘All’s Well Again,’ a rope on which we all hover every day.

    In this role, Marianna Toumasatou artistically walks the tightrope. She moves between the two ends of the rope, sometimes as a mother, sometimes as a girl.

    Because only if we approach absolute and selfless love can we balance between life and what it holds for us.

    Purchase tickets online here.



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