The Historical Folklore Museum of Central Corfu is located in the village of Sinarades, which is 13 km from the city of Corfu. The animator and president of the Folklore Society Mesis is the retired teacher, Nikos Paktitis, who has been involved in folklore since the 1950’s.

Nikos Paktitis started the collection of historical and folklore material on his own and then with the help of other folklorists founded the Historical-Folklore Society of Middle Corfu.

The society published the short-lived magazine “Corfu” and two years later was recognized as an association with the same name, ‘Historical-Folklore Society of Middle Corfu’. Since then, a more systematic effort has been made to establish a body that represents the tradition of the central Corfu countryside and in particular that of “Mesi”, as is clear from the name of the association i.e. “Middle” Corfu.

Until October 1987, the Museum Building was housed on the ground floor of a one-storey house in a central part of the village. This abode, however, was not sufficiently spacious and contradicted the traditional character of the exhibits. So Paktitis moved to a more accurately traditional house in the neighbourhood of Ai-Giannis of Sinarades.

Folklore Museum of Sinarades exhibits material from Middle Corfu. The external staircase of the museum is made of local marble and leads to the upper floor which consists of the portico, the dining room, the kitchen and the bedroom. The rooms are furnished as was a typical middle class household at the end of the last century. The internal staircase leads to the next floor where there is a library and the museum archive. In addition to the above, it is important to mention the museum’s collections, such as agricultural tools, Corfiot costume, Corfiot ceramics, household utensils and church items, as well as handicrafts, crafts and fishing memorabilia.

The Historical-Folklore Society of Middle Corfu, in addition to the establishment of the museum also provided for the strengthening of any collective effort aimed at researching, studying and rescuing historical-folklore data in any area of Corfu.

The Folklore Museum is open from May 1st to October 31st, all days of the week.

Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The folklore museum of Sinarades is part of the Historical Folklore Society of Corfu. All works of life and legacy are of the tireless teacher, researcher and pioneer folklorist of Corfu, Nikos Paktitis.

Folklore Museum of Sinarades Corfu:

Folklore Museum of Sinarades
Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Thomas Katsaros
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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