Corfu is the ideal island for tourists who enjoy boat trips to secluded or isolated beaches that are accessed exclusively by sea, as is Giali Beach, which offers the bather everything their heart desires in terms of magic, pristine water.

Totally unmarred by any tourist infrastructure and ideal for relaxation and tranquility, Giali is an exotic, hidden paradise on the west coast of the island, below the village of Giannades and near the beach of Ermones.

A series of deserted, idyllic beaches begin at Liapades namely Paradise, Rovinia, Heliodoros, Stellari and Giali, with Giali being the southernmost of them. From Liapades boats or sloops start organized boat excursions. One can also rent their own boat from the beach of Ermones.

Glassy, ​​clear waters and rugged rocks jut out of the sea, the beach Giali being surrounded by a green creek that one can hardly forget!

The shore and the seabed up to a point are covered with fine pebbles and we do not need to point out the purity of the water; as clear as glass. It is indisputable that the lacy shores of the island of Corfu offer a lot to anyone who does not say “no” to day cruises and organized sea excursions.

Text Editor: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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