Gouvia Marina, is an exquisite spot on the island of Corfu. It is frequently  jam-packed with boats and yachts of all sizes. The variety of nations visiting this marina is impressive and it captures the inerest of people from all around the world.

It is the first private marina on Corfu, offering high quality facilities and services.

The 3.500 sq.m. marina, is surrounded be a vast shore area with an archeological interest and it is an ideal spot to start your holidays and explore the island.

The Gouvia Marina is able to provide various services for every visitor as all the services and facilities are organised to satisfy the customers and guests that choose Corfu as a destination for their holidays.

Motorbike, car or boat rental is available as well as restaurant, bars and cafes and thats just some of the elements that visitors apreciate and make them choose the Gouvia Marina again and again, every year.

There is also a variety of maintenance and repairs services, like power washing, painting and other other services for the underwater parts of the boats.

The marina operates all year around on a 24-hour basis. It is desingned with the extented capacity of 1200 berths.

As a starting point, from this marina you can select a wide range of destinations.

From a romantic getaway, to sightseeing adventures as there are day trips available on a boats or a yacht.

It is true jewel of the area, constructed with the most advanced specifications and one of the most favorite spots of the city!

The Gouvia Marina is definately the most cosmopolitan area of Corfu.

Locals and visitors from all around the world have made their choice and show their prefernce.

Take a walk in the marina, explore and select among the facilities provided while the view will echant you and make you feel like a luxurious guest.


In the area is the only croquet field in Greece as well as a hangar of seaplanes which operated with nearby destinations.

Taste the Traditional Greek cuisine with authentic flavors at Olympia mare, a restaurant is a culinary treasure that includes almost the entire vocabulary of the mediterranean taste.


Greek Bliss, http://www.marinagouvia-bliss.com/

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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