Gouvia is a modern, small and comprehensive village a short 8 km distance from the city of Corfu, equipped to meet the needs of every visitor. Built around the large Govino Bay and marina, it is one of the most developed tourist resorts on the island, especially popular with young people as it offers great night-life and entertainment.

What sets it apart from other areas is that Gouvia has numerous International cuisines to choose from namely Mexican, Italian, British, Greek, Indian, Thai and Chinese. It also has nightclubs, cocktail bars, Karaoke Bars and pubs where fun can be had till the early hours of the morning.

Gouvia had excellent tourist infrastructure with a large assortment of shops such as supermarkets, gift shops, leather shops, jewelry shops, souvenir shops, clothing and accessories outlets; pretty much anything a visitor may need.

In terms of accommodation, there is a wide range, the majority of it being large hotels near the beach or in the village; however there are also rooms and studios for holiday rental.

In terms of transportation; municipal transport is frequent on the Gouvia route as it serves the neighbouring areas of ​​Dassia and Ipsos as well. There are car and motor cycle hire outlets in Gouvia too.

On the outskirts of Gouvia are the ruins of the old Venetian Shipyard as well as the fully equipped, popular, international Marina Gouvion.

Gouvia, The beach

The small beach of Gouvia consists of pebbles and sand, has umbrellas with sunbeds for rent and offers water sports as well as boat trips. From the beach there is a lovely scenic outlook to the opposite peninsula of Kommeno with its famous, diminutive Church of Ypapantis, circa 1713, one of the most photographed places of interest on Corfu.

Marina Gouvia

This marina is the largest on the island, always jam-packed with boats of all sizes from many nations. The first private marina on Corfu, it is fully organized with high quality facilities and services i.e. restaurants, cafes, shops, toilets, showers, washing machines, changing rooms and swimming pools.

The Marina is unique in that it is very cosmopolitan.

It is frequented by the locals as well as tourists as it is a very relaxing venue at which to enjoy a coffee, drink or a variety of appetizers while overlooking the yachts and variety of other boats in a beautiful blue-green natural setting.

In the area is the only croquet field in Greece as well as a hangar of seaplanes which operated with nearby destinations.

Venetian Shipyard at Gouvia

The Venetian shipyard was built by the Venetians during their rule of Corfu, in the 18th Century, in the current location of the present-day settlement of Gouvia. The Venetians used the bay as their port and arsenal.

The ruins are behind the modern Marina Gouvion and are fenced off. The columns, the walls and the characteristic arches of the arsenal have survived, which in combination with the location beside the sea compose a surreal scene. It is an interesting tourist attraction, recommended especially for lovers of photography.

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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