“Life is too short to drink bad coffee!”

The well-known phrase – motto of drink lovers is the inspiration behind the creation of this different street cafe.

Discover the magic “hidden” in their unique ritual of creating coffee.

Hidden Gem uses the aromatic coffee of the Greek company TAF, which imports and roasts superior quality beans from Africa and Central and Latin America, that ensures you that will enrich the map of your experiences in good coffee.

On your way to the busy street of Solari, it is worth making a stop at the Hidden Gem in order to enjoy the perfect result of their freshly ground coffee in their pleausant environment or in a “take away” in a cup or in coffee beans that you can make on your own at home or the office.

Special discount for the use of your own cup!

The ecological consciousness of the business, another positive element of Hidden Gem cafe that wins us over!

The owners are fully aware of the ecological issues of our planet, so they are aiming in the less of consuming as for their business. They use as less of the non-recyclable materials as possible!

Additionally their offer their customers only ecological packaging, biodegradable straws and a reward through a discount for the use of your own cup of coffee!

Suggestions for your different eating habits!

We may all love coffee, but some people can not enjoy its combination with milk. For all those who find it difficult to enjoy alternative choices daily, at Hidden Gem they have made sure to give us wonderful options such as milk with pea protein.

Hungry? Discover the sweet and savory options, also some with less calories and some of the best selected handmade sweets that are worth trying.

The collaboration with Helen’s Creation Patisserie entices you to taste the most delicious dessert of the day made with tasty ingredients. You can also try their homemade bars in two flavors with tahini, couverture, honey, oats or with pistachio, peanut butter, honey and oats.

A little "diamond" made with fresh ideas and love for coffee!

The street café “Hidden Gem” has managed to make us love their coffee with its special tasty and aromatic profile… the daily dose of caffeine that will be your favorite!

Hidden Gem, National Resistance at Solari, Delivery 07:30 – 14:30 | T. 26610 48644.

Photography: Marilia Makri
Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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