This association was founded in October 2017. Its purpose is also the protection and promotion of the Greek mountainous area and environment. Some of its individual goals are the strengthening of every event related to cultural, spiritual and social development and the dissemination and preservation of the folklore tradition of the area. It is also actively involved in the protection of mountainous nature and the environment in general, either autonomously or in collaboration with other organizations, associations and competent bodies related to the fulfillment of this purpose.

In order to achieve its goals, it encourages, guides and provides its support and assistance for the preparation of studies for the rational organization of the mountainous area and for the execution, by public authorities and private projects serving its purposes, as long as these do not affect the mountainous area and the environment in general. It also takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the paths within the regional unit of Corfu.

Its original 28 founding members were quickly joined by dozens of others and the Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Corfu today has over 250 registered members.

Marking of Paths of Middle Corfu

In September 2018, the pilot phase of the marking of the hiking paths of Corfu was completed. The Association marked a network of walking routes in the area of ​​middle Corfu for a length of about 42 km. The marking was done with red and white colours and labels in accordance with Greek and international guidelines.

See all trails here:

Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Corfu

Sunday 2-10-2022, from Kaminaki till Avlaki : Nissaki, Agni, Gialiskari, Kalami, Kouloura, Kerasia, Agios Stefanos, Erimitis.
Photo by Nikos Tombros, Eirini Diamanti

Hiking and Mountaineering Association of Corfu,

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