Corfu is a popular summer destination, known for its natural beauty, crystal clear waters, idyllic beaches and infrastructure that offers magical holidays for every taste! Sometimes people think that summer destinations in winter are “sleeping” and that residents are just waiting for the next summer season to commence. But no, Corfu in winter does not slumber – it can be as vibrant and exciting as any other time of the year. Corfu is an island with a history dating back to antiquity, it has a lively city dating back to the 16th century which offers modern social, cultural and economic activity that is constantly growing.

The Ionian University, the merchants, professionals, artists, members of cultural associations and the foreigners who have chosen Corfu as their permanent residence, make this island a captivating destination all 12 months of the year.

The Old Town of Corfu: a living Monument of the Mediterranean

The Old Town of Corfu is a living UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is big but small, happy but melancholy, crowded but quiet – all depending on the day and time of the week.

If you fancy mingling with the locals, laughing at their jokes and feeling part of their daily life whilst enjoying the stunning surroundings -walk around the Old Town in the mornings.

If you prefer a romantic stroll through the winding cantinas with their tall old buildings, illuminated windows, staircases, cisterns and beautiful churches in every tiny square, we suggest touring the city on a weekday evening.

Or, if you enjoy lively social life, great food, cocktails and clubs with music lasting  until the morning, Friday and Saturday is your day! Check out our suggestions here.

Lastly, if culture is at the top of your interests, you will never get bored! Apart from the Museums, Galleries and Monuments, Corfu is full of cultural associations that organize events, performances and temporary exhibitions all months of the year.

See here the Monuments and Museums.

See on the website of the municipality of Corfu the scheduled events.

The countryside of Corfu

Corfu is not only the town.

It is the endless green countryside, the countless walking paths, the traditional settlements   and innumerable sporting activities available to explore and enjoy!

To experience the Corfiot nature choose a destination:

In Northern Corfu we recommend Old Perithia, a charming, abandoned village offering various excellent taverns. Before you choose one of them, we suggest a walk in nature, exploring the ruined buildings whilst imagining life here 100 years ago – you may even meet a shepherd tending his animals while taking    them out to pasture. If you love herbs and wild flowers, you will be pleasantly surprised by their abundance, especially in autumn and spring. Cut laurel, rosemary, thyme, chamomile and fennel. Take their fragrances with you as a beautiful reminder of this magical place you visited.

In South Corfu we recommend Agios Matthaios, one of the largest villages in Corfu. Surrounded by greenery, with picturesque alleys and stone-built houses, Agios Mathias is one of the most atmospheric villages of Corfu.

You might be lucky enough to find yourself at one of the concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Agios Matthias, “Lorentzos Mavilis”, founded in 1965, located on the main street of the village.

After your tour of the village, relax in a traditional café or try the food of the local taverna where the locals will definitely keep you entertained with their friendly banter.

And if you have enough energy, explore the Byzantine Castle of Gardiki, built in  the 13th century.

In Central Corfu, we recommend the village of Kynopiastes. It is a beautiful, lively village with its characteristic church and square in the center.

Very captivating is the village’s “Olive Museum – Donatos Paipetis” where you can learn of the three phases of olive processing for the production of olive oil, vessels and utensils, tools of rural life donated to the museum by the villagers, stone and wooden containers for decanting the oil, weights and measures of other times, and photographs of rural life dating back to the beginning of the last century.

To visit the Museum call +302661057058

Sports and other activities available in Corfu in winter

If you are sporty types, Corfu offers a variety of enjoyable activities.

There are numerous walking clubs that are very welcoming to new members! Discover them here and follow along!

There is the Corfu Tennis Club, one of the oldest in Greece for those of you who are tennis players as well as the Cricket Club and Golf Club. Appreciating these activities, you will have the opportunity to meet high- level athletes while discovering comradeship.

At Silvaland Equestrian Club, in the village of Kalafationes, you will meet the rescue dogs and horses – there are also resident horses which are available   to ride while touring the vast estate!

Do you prefer attending a fitness centre? We recommend the amazing Fitness Club of the luxury hotel Angsana in Benitses – which throughout the winter offers its services at very reasonable prices.

“Last but not least”- Shopping in Corfu in Winter-

It would be strange to think that you cannot shop in Corfu in winter… Well,  of course you can!

The town of Corfu – where traditional meets modern, is full of fascinating shops offering clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry. Many of them have a very original and sophisticated style while others are glamorous and very trendy.  No matter your taste, they will ‘deck you out’  for all your social occasions. In addition, there are delightful liquor stores, grocery stores and food shops with local delicacies.

Furthermore, don't miss the atmospheric Plous bookstore, the traditional Markosian coffee shop and the old Spitieri grocery store in the heart of the city.


Corfu winter events have a lot of warmth, love and a little bit of sparkle!

We would say they start with the procession on the First Sunday of November, which celebrates the  miracle of St. Spyridon who saved the inhabitants of Corfu from the plague epidemic in 1673.  A large procession is accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra passing through the Old Town with the procession of the holy relic of the patron saint of Corfu.

On December 12th once again, Saint Spyridon is honored for his name day.   A huge mass is held in the holy church where his relic resides. From

The 10th of December, the city is dressed in its festive attire and the smell of traditional “Loukoumades” (small doughnuts) that overwhelms the city is irresistible!

Especially on the 11th of December which is traditionally the day when everyone enjoys devouring  these tasty treats!

Christmas in Corfu may not have the glamour of the big cities of Europe however, it is not less atmospheric. High-level concerts with pieces by major composers are held at the town’s municipal theatre, choirs sing carols for the mayor on Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the iconic Town Hall Square, and the Catholic Church decorates a beautiful, warm manger for the newborn Christ. The town is “dressed up” on almost every corner – a beautiful spectacle taking place throughout the festive season.

The next holiday after Christmas is “Carnival” in February. Influenced by Venice, Corfu has been celebrating Carnival since very old times. Apart from the various dances organised by clubs and associations, there are also many events in the streets and squares, mainly arranged by the Corfu Events Organisation and other active clubs.

On a final note, after reading the suggestions in this article, you may be wondering where to stay while visiting the island. The recommendations for accommodation in Corfu in winter are unbeatable and you can refer to them here.

Are you still contemplating whether to visit Corfu in winter?

Take the leap and discover Corfu as your next winter adventure.

Text Composing: Aliki Katsarou
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