On the way to the seafront boulevard of Garitsa bay, on the intersection of Alexandras and Dimokratias Avenue, you come across a monument dedicated to the English Lord High Commissioner Howard Douglas, widely known as the “Column of Douglas”.

English Commissioner Howard Douglas

Howard Douglas was a high commissioner on the island of Corfu and the Ionian islands in 1835 and for about five years, while he contributed to the construction of many important public works and the establishment of many charities.

His contribution to the creation of many roads on the island of Corfu, the operation of a telegraph office, the establishment of the Ionian High School and the Psychiatric Hospital, the construction of the Municipal Cemetery of Garitsa and the foundation of the prisons . He also founded the Ionian Bank, the first bank in Greece and published the Ionian Legislation.

A memorial obelisk was then placed by the state in his honor, in Pano Plateia, at the place where the statue of Kapodistrias is today. At the point that is located today the monument was re-installed since it suffered severe damage from landslides in 1907. With its restoration by the Corfiot contractor Andreas Sgouros, it was also transferred, while years later with the reconstruction of its coastal road of Garitsa bay, the curb was expanded and took its current form.

The monument is adorned with bronze reliefs by the Corfiot sculptor I. Kalosgouros. Each side of the monument stands out with the symbolism, on one side the coat of arms of the English commissioner Howard Douglas is represented, on the other the diadem and on the third side the island of Corfu is represented.

Observing the monument one can distinguish a Greek inscription, written in archaic language, which mentions the great works of Howard Douglas, as a tribute to him by the state and the citizens of the island of Corfu.

The impressive “Douglas Column”, as the islanders often call it, has managed to give its name to the area as a reference point, while Howard Douglas left his mark on the history of the island.

Walk or explore the area by bicycle, following the route that leads to the Garitsa bay and the park, reaching the nearby destination of Mon Repo that leads to the center of  “Paleopolis” the Ancient city of Corfu.

Discover the historic Kanoni where there are the biggest attractions of the island, the famous Pontikonisi and the Monastery of Vlacherna and do not forget to fill your photo album with the beautiful scenery and the monuments.


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Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: Zaxarias Goros
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