A newly built beautiful chapel located near the picturesque villages of Ano and Kato Pavliana.

Crossing a path to the mountain on which it is built, you can park your vehicle and enjoy the beautiful walking path to the church.

The nature and the view are magnificent, while there are benches for those who wish to rest.

On the one side you can distinguish some villages of central Corfu, such as Pelekas and Korakiana, then you come across a full view of the neighboring villages, such as Ano and Kato Pavliana, Vouniatades and as you go up to the church you have a view of the village of Agios Mattheos, in Korission Lagoon but also on the beach of Paramonas, the beach of Agios Nikolaos and many other villages around the area.

The place is blessed with panoramic views of some of the most beautiful places on the island.

A verdant route, which fills you with characteristic, beautiful images of the island of Corfu. With the blue of the sky and the sea, the green of the pines and the trees and the colors of the wildflowers that grow in scattered places.

Reaching the top you see the newly built chapel of the Prophet Elias (Prophet Elijah) or Ai Lia, as many locals call it.

Every year, there is a traditional Greek celebration in the 20th of July, to celebrate Profitis Ilias memory or Saint of the mountains, since most of the churches dedicated to Prophet Elias are located in mountainous parts of Greece.

In the large area that stretches in front of you, celebrations take place, also there is an observatory built especially for the summer months, where the guards have ideal visibility of the whole area so as to warn in the posibility of a fire.
In one of the buildings there is also the Environmental and Philodasikos Association of Prophet Elias and Estavromenos. Along with the Cultural Association of Agios Dimitrios and the Cultural Association of Ano Pavliana, they carry out actions and events and gather people who wish to participate in traditional events and other interesting actions.

For your ascent to the Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias and Estavromenos,it is recommended to carry water as a supply and a hat or goggles to protect yourself from the sun. You can reach the top of the mountain by car a short distance from the church, but the road is relatively inaccessible due to the fact that there is a dirt road between the asphalt in some parts.
In the summer months it is worth continuing your exploration by reaching the sandy beach of Paramonas where there are restaurants to dine.

Photography: Marilia Makri
Text Composing: Marilia Makri
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