Ipsos is one of the most touristic developed villages of northeastern Corfu.

The characteristic coastal road is “decorated” with beautiful palm trees, one could connect it with many movie scenes and that feeling of summer relaxation and joy.

Its facilities vary, from water sports to taverns, restaurants and cafes open all day and providing services that differ and fulfil the needs of the majority of the visitor of the area that come every year.

Ipsos as a summer destination

From early in the evening the image of Ipsos changes, many young people, mainly, flock to the bars and clubs located along the street and the fun lasts until early in the morning.

One could connect Ipsos area it with many movie scenes and that feeling of summer relaxation and joy

The beach of Ipsos

The beach of Ipsos is especially famous on the younger ages, as a nightlife fun destination, but during the day some families choose it for its shallow waters that deepen slowly and as a short distance destination from the city, for just a quick dive .

The one kilometer length beach is covered with small pebbles and a bit of sand.

The main feature of that area is the variety of facilities provided, so its equally an ideal summer destination for all of you that wish to relax at the beach and all of you water sports lovers that would love to discover the area with a rental boat from the small port of Ipsos along the beach.

Whatever you choose, Ipsos is the best fun destination for all summer long.

Near the area of ​​Ipsos, we definitely recommend Barbati and Nissaki for their magnificent beaches and if you get hungry there are some restaurants and taverns along the way.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
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