The picturesque village of Kanakades is located near Valley of Ropas, a 10,000-acre plain.

Its traditional cobbled streets lead to the houses with the manicured courtyards, while the landscape is enriched by the lush vegetation and the interesting history facts of the area.

The name of the village

The village of Kanakades was named after the first lord who lived in it, who bore the surname “Kanakis”.

The Kanakades as the seat of the Feudal lords

A reference point for the village’s history is the ruined old mansion that was the seat of  “Baronia Marcello” during the Venetian occupation.
Its strategic position at the top of a rock reveals the impressive view to the Valley of Ropas , while its history is also interesting because in the past, that was the place where the “donations” of the area, including olives, grains and grapes, used to be gathered for the lord to receive it.
Kanakades village, was known for its fertile land, since the Venetian occupation and that was the reason why it was chosen as the seat of the feudal lords in order to concentrate the productions of the farmers of the area.

Temples and churches in Kanakades

The old houses of the village as well as the ruins of the old church of Agioi Theodoroi will monopolize your interest. According to the inscription on the ruins of the door, this temple was built in the early 14th century while it was demolished during the WWII. Today, a new church dedicated to Agioi Theodoroi has been built next to it, while in the center of the village you can find the ornate church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is also called “Lambovitissa”.

During your visit you will notice many elements that make it a rural village even today, with the locals showing their appreciation for the fertile land and showing their devotion to its cultivation, but also to the livestock found in the Valley of Ropas.

The landscapes of Corfu alternate in such a way that one could say that it includes many of the images that you would encounter in scattered parts of Greece.

Landscapes with valleys, impressive rocks, sandy beaches, plains, lakes and mountainous areas, will amuse all of the visitors that love nature and adventure and certaintly are worth exploring from side to side.

If you are in the area of ​​Kanakades you can cross a distance of about 6 km to visit the area of ​​Paleokastritsa passing through the village of Liapades, while nearby you will find the village of Marmaro, Giannades and a little further the Ermones.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Gelena Nikulina
Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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