The quaintness of the village, the quality of the blue-flagged beach, the vibrancy of nature and the prolific, surrounding mountain slopes give Kassiopi its unique charm. This area captivates visitors at first sight and is has hidden treasures in every corner. Walking among the olive groves, one can enjoy the stunning sea views, the blueness of sky and the green, lush vegetation.

Kassiopi is located 38 km from the city of Corfu, has a picturesque harbour, picture perfect bays and lovely beaches separated from a green cape of verdant foliage by sand or pebbles. The ruins of a Byzantine castle bear testimony to the traditions and charm of the wealthy village of bygone Roman times.

The daily bus route connects it to the centre of Corfu but there is also the option of renting a car, jeep, motorcycle or bicycle for autonomous transportation.  Also recommended is boat rental to explore the less commercialized coastal areas. There are an abundance of different shops, supermarkets, patisseries and bakeries as well as many dining and nightlife options. It is an ideal choice in terms of accommodation; having a variety of hotels, apartments and studios to serve every visitor’s needs.


Kassiopi, beaches

Around Kassiopi mostly rocky beaches with crystal clear waters are to be found.
The main beach is called Kalamionas and, by comparison to the others, has the easiest access. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and it also offers activities such as diving and water skiing. About a kilometer to its left is the smallest beach, Imerolia, a pretty, unorganized, sandy beach.

One of the most impressive beaches of Kassiopi is Bataria Beach with its clear blue-green waters and its characteristic shiny pebbles. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or just lay your towel on the smooth rocks on the edge of the beach and soak up the sun. Next to it, on the edge of the green peninsula of Kassiopi, is the beach of Kanoni, one of the most isolated in the area, which consists of large rocks and sand in a small part of it.

Finally, the beautiful beach of Pipitou is located on the northwest side of the Castle and is one of the most inaccessible as approach to it is down a small rocky slope. However, it has umbrellas and sunbeds as well as canoe and jet ski hire.

Kassiopi is much more than a place of natural beauty and lovely beaches. It is an area with a rich history, aspects of which have been lost forever due to it suffering attacks over the centuries.

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The Byzantine Castle of Kassiopi

The Byzantine castle is one of the oldest monuments and bears witness to the lost history. It is the oldest castle on Corfu, having been dated to the 6th century AD by some of the coins found there. In its day it was an imposing building; a classic example of Byzantine architecture. Its purpose was to protect the area from attacks, which were numerous, due to the strategic point of Kassiopi. Today the castle continues to dominate the village hiding 1400 years of history within its stone walls.

Holy Church of Panagia Kassopitra

Another monument of great importance in Kassiopi is the church of Panagia Kassopitra. Until the 5th century, an important temple of pagan worship, dedicated to Cassius Zeus, stood. Over the centuries, many miracles have taken place at the church. Panagia Kassopitra was considered the patron saint of sailors, who prayed to her as they passed through the treacherous straits of Kassiopi.

The church was destroyed during the Turkish attack in 1537 and valuable items removed or pillaged. During Venetian times it was rebuilt in the form of a typical Roman Catholic Church, which is preserved to this day.

In summation, although these monuments have changed shape over the years, they are still representations of the region’s long history. They are also the reason why Kassiopi is an ideal destination. Magnificent landscapes, historical monuments, clear seas, along with a wide range of options and facilities await you!

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Read about the area of Kassiopi, at “Northeastern Corfu“. The morphology of the region combines picturesque bays and ports with steep slopes coated with olive grooves and cypresses. The marine view is one of a kind as well, since it includes the deep blue sea and the gaunt mountains of Albania. Apart from its beauty, Northeastern Corfu is also a place with a rich cultural and historical legacy. This is why CorfuPress collaborated with the three cultural associations of the most important villages in the coastline and took the initiative to publish this guide, not just to inform visitors in general terms about these villages, but most importantly to motivate them to explore the landscapes and the history that defined our cultural identity, our customs and traditions.

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