The traditional products of a certain place, add to its culture.

On the island of Corfu, a representative example of this operation is the company “KASTROS”, a company with a 30-year presence in the production and distribution of dairy products.

The products meet the high nutritional needs of modern man and satisfy the desire of delicious taste.

It all started with Grandpa Alexis' traditional recipe!

The company was founded in 1985 in Corfu with the aim of selling dairy products mainly in wholesale networks based in Corfu and collaborations with selected provincial centers through representatives. Then through the traditional little store Grandpa Alexis began to supply his delicious creations in the neighborhood of Garitsa in Corfu.

Combining to the family tradition, based on the old recipe of grandfather Alexis and according to modern technology trends, the company "Kastros" produces dairy products of superior quality, focusing on the needs and expectations of the consumers.

The traditional creams, the grandfather's rice pudding and the new products!

When it comes to satisfy your desire for the most delicious dessert “Kastros” made sure to provide you with the most tasty choices.

The company has managed to combine the delicious flavors with a high quality product.

The fresh ingredients and the variety of the options given, makes it hard for you to choose only one product.

Vanilla cream with fresh milk from cows raised in Corfu, is a creation of a secret recipe and challenges us to taste the sweetest sin!

If you are a chocolate lover again, Chocolate cream is the ideal choice, while as a more modern version we definitely recommend Cookies cream!

Rice pudding, on the other hand, promises to satisfy even the most demanding palate through an also unique recipe by Grandpa Alexis!

Caramel cream, strawberry jelly and peach compote are also waiting for you to try them!

But one thing they have in common: with the first spoon you realize that it is just as if the best confectioner made them at that moment!

The production of “Kastros” products is a daily and uninterrupted but mainly team work with the common goal of creating quality products. That is why the name of the company and its dairies has been intertwined with that of the island of Corfu for 40 years!

If you have not tried “Kastros” traditional products, you should definately do!

You can find them in every corner of Corfu, from the largest supermarket chain to the mini market at your neighborhood.

The famous traditional butter of Corfu

The secret of the purity and the unique aromas of the butter comes from the uniqueness of the flora of Corfu, and the high quality of the milk.

The Authentic Corfu Butter is produced from 100% fresh pasteurized cow’s milk, which comes from Corfiot animals that feed exclusively on the special flora of Corfu.

It stands out for its special aroma, which is due to the fermentation of frothed milk before beating, its full flavor makes it an ideal choice for both cooking and pastry recipes.

The unique taste and purity of Corfu Butter has been recognized worldwide through tasting and quality competitions.

Greek Yogurt with the traditional "cream"

The traditional Greek yogurt is undoubtedly one of the healthiest foods in the world.

The “skin”, the distinctive sign that yogurt is traditionally made!

The traditional Greek yogurt is undoubtedly one of the healthiest foods in the world. Rich in vitamins and other valuable nutrients, it has been an important part of our diet since ancient times.

“Kastros” made sure to give us two options, combining unique quality, fresh and pure ingredients and a special taste that fascinates: cow milk and sheep milk.

Their probiotic bacteria strengthen the immune system, provide animal protein full of vitamins and calcium for strong bones, reduces body fat and aid digestion. Traditional sheep yogurt is recommended for people who are intolerant to cow’s dairy products with great success.

Click the link below to find all the distribution points of “Kastros” in Corfu and in the rest of Greece:
Text Composing: Ada KΙriazi
Photography: Onoufrios Salvatoros
Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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