On the southern slopes of Mount Pantokratoras is another hidden, natural treasure of Corfiot nature, a special eutrophic lake formation, rich in nutrients and supporting a dense plant population, with an even more special name; Katapino. The only semi-mountainous lake formation between Spartilas and Sgourades communities and is at an altitude of about 400 metres overlooking the ridge of Pantokratoras.

Katapino, another wetland on the island of Corfu

In winter and autumn the lake has sufficient water. During the summer, the water recedes and only a part is retained with stagnant, bracken water in its core, which, of course, continues to host aquatic life such as frogs and insects such as butterflies and dragonflies. It is also characterized by rich birdlife. There, several species of birds quench their thirst and predators such as hawks have been observed.

Also, on its outskirts, a vine is cultivated. The view of the area and the neighbouring village is unique. The wetland element with its shades of blue, the green of the verdant forest and the hills overgrown with olive and cypress trees are, once again, another gem of Corfu.

Text Composing: Stamatis Gkinis, Hydrobiologist
Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Stamatis Gkinis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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