Kyprianades is a small village with few inhabitants, but built in a green environment. A tributary of the Tyflos River (Blind River) passes through the village, which creates an exceptional natural landscape. One of its tributaries, the rivulet of Klimatia, which flows to the northern part of the Ionian island, forms a small, but spectacular, waterfall about eight metres in height.

Kyprianades Waterfall, incomparable beauty

In the waters of the tributary you will see eels and turtles, but also river pike and carp.

The settlement is located at an altitude of 120 metres, near the area of ​​Nymfes, and is 30 kilometres from the city of Corfu. Access to the waterfall is relatively easy and is via a little, narrow path that starts from the fountain of Kyprianades. In the area of ​​the fountain and the pumping station there is a shady area beneath plane trees alongside the river’s running waters where the visitor can relax and enjoy the tranquil landscape.

Kyprianades and Kyprianades’ Waterfall due to the indescribable beauty of the natural landscape, attracts many nature lovers and walkers, who combine this village with a visit to the neighbouring village of Klimatia and a visit to the cave Anthropograva, which is one of the most beautiful and interesting in Greece.

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Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Stamatis Gkinis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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