The enchanting Lefkada that poets praised and visitors all over the world kept visiting every year.

> It took its name from Cape Lefkata or Kavos of Kyra, which is located at the southern tip of the island.

> Formerly it was called “Agia Mavra” from the homonymous church that was built inside the castle of Agia Mavra located opposite the city of Lefkada.

> Lefkada is considered the homeland of poets and artists.Great people who have written history with their works, not only in Lefkada, but all over the world.

> According to the legend, the poet Sappho jumped from the rock of the cape to get rid of her love for Faonas.

> In the area of ​​Kalligoni there are the ruins of the ancient city “Nirikos”, which was the first city of the island.

> It is the fourth largest island in the Ionian (320 and the fourth in population with about 23,000 inhabitants according to the latest census.

> Lefkada is connected by road with its floating bridge 20 meters long.

> Lefkada or Lefkas together with the islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos and Paxos constitute the region of the Ionian Islands.

The lighting in its port from the entrance to the various areas around the island is always impressive.

You will fall in love with Lefkada at first sight, from its beaches, the sunsets that you will enjoy in any location you are, to its cantonments with their special colors. But it all starts from its port with the typical wooden bridge.

The bridge of lovers

The bridge of lovers, or the bridge of sighs as they call it, was built at the beginning of the last decade, the lights around the beautiful little port, makes you want to walk throught it and feel the romance at the atmosphere.

The historical facts

The rich history of Lefkada, is not defined only by the buildings, the landscapes, its conquests, the Mythology that contains it and the celebrities who walked through it such as Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas.

Lefkada is defined mainly by the artists who described it, the poets who praised its beauty, such as Angelos Sikelianos and Aristotle Valaoritis who gave us their own masterpieces in its name.

At the entrance of the city you will find the “Park of poets” where their busts are located.

The romantic Lefkada and its' shores

Since in our title we refer to the romantic side of Lefkada, we certainly should refer to the enchanting beaches that you will love.

The endless blue and turquoise colors meets the blue of the sea at the bottom of the landscape.

The organized beach Kathisma but also the wildest beauty of the beach Porto Katsiki will make you love them.

The routes will lead you to the panoramic landscapes that you will stand to admire.

The picturesque harbors and villages, such as Agios Nikitas, will challenge you to explore them, while the taverns and restaurants will satisfy your appetite.

Additional suggestions and options

From Lefkada you can join the day tours to the nearby islands, but also visit its famous waterfalls in Dimosari, just outside the busy Nidri, as well as the Melissa Gorge in the municipality of Sfakioton.

In Nydri you will also find the center of tours mentioned above and the center of water sports.

Water sports are another reason why people arrive on the island as well as paragliding, sailing, cycling, but also horseback riding that take place in various areas of Lefkada such as Vasiliki which is located just below Nidri.

When your trip is over, do not forget to try the cakes, honey, pastels, nougat and their traditional products and keep with you all the positives memories of your trip until the next time you visit.

Translation - Text Editor: Marilia Makri
Photography: shutterstock
Photography: Marilia Makri
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