Words cannot describe this phenomenal natural artwork. Loggas Beach lies at the foot of a sheer, imposing, vertical cliff-face of sedimentary rock.

Situated on the northwest coast, it is notorious for its stunning views and most romantic sunsets.

It is a fairytale landscape with a narrow beach of fine sand, towered over by the peculiar limestone rocks.
For those looking for an idyllic piece of paradise, this is it! Loggas offers rest and relaxation, with a divine gift of clay for your do-it-yourself spa, as the clay is rich in this area.
Please note that you would be doing yourself a great disservice should you leave before seeing the amazing sunset.

Loggas beach has not been dubbed “Sunset Beach” for no reason! “7 th Heaven restaurant” is perched on the top of the cliff and offers a ‘to die for’ elevated view.

Their cocktail and drinks menu is extensive, their food and mezes delicious. Did I mention the view?

It will be indelibly imprinted on your mind and your photographs will not do it justice! They also have a glass floored area through which one can see the amazing sea below.


Peroulades is a very special, ancient village with strong Venetian elements which has been declared a protected or Listed settlement. Although there is limited accommodation in this village, it is not a tourist resort. It is extremely cute and quaint, a lovely choice for those who wish to walk back in time.
It is said that even the name Peroulades dates back to the time when the Peruvians lived, that is, the lords of Venetian origin who wore wigs.

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis is Loggas’ fraternal beach and the most northwestern point of Corfu. It is tucked away in a wooded landscape, away from the crowded tourist areas and void of any development. With pristine clear blue waters, access is either by boat or by adventurous swimming, the latter not at all recommended!

It is accessible by car from above but only for viewing purposes, as the sheer cliff face is not suitable for clambering down! It is an exceptional area but extremely rugged and treacherous, so should be treated with respect.

You can also choose to discover other wonderful destinations around, such as the famous Canal D’amour, Sidari, Roda, Acharavi that make this side of the island unique and known worldwide.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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