The large Spianada Square is separated from the Old Fortress by an artificial moat. Walking from the entrance of the Old Fortress to the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George one passes firstly the municipal garden of Bosshetto and then this charming church on a clearing with a magnificent view.

Panagia Mandrakina, with the ornate orange-red bell tower, stands out among the trees of the two gardens.

It is dedicated not only to the Virgin Mary but also to Saint Panteleimon, while it owes its name to the port of Mandraki, which is located just below, as an image of the Virgin Mary was found there by fishermen in the area. With unique views of the Fortress, Mandraki, the island of Vidos and the endless blue of the sea from its yard and the adjoining park it is a perfect spot to stop and repose.

Panagia Mandrakina took its current form around 1950, when it was restored after the severe damage it suffered during the bombing of Corfu in World War II. The exterior of the church is symmetrical, ends in a gable and its impressive bell tower is characterized by its special technique. The ground floor of the church is lower than the level of the square.

Panagia Mandrakina is one of the most popular churches due to its charm and location and is much preferred by the faithful for weddings and baptisms.


Παναγία Μανδρακίνα,el/

Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Shutterstock
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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