Situated on the southwestern coast, it is about 32 km from the centre of Corfu and only 10 km from the port of Lefkimmi.

With its seemingly endless fine, golden sands, this 4 km long beach has translucent, shallow water, so is ideal for smaller children as well.

The name Marathias

Marathias is the official name of the beach, but not the only one.

It is often called Malta Beach and more rarely Martha Beach, which causes a little confusion with visitors, who may hear different versions of how these names were derived or, who find themselves looking for road signs for Marathias when they say Malta Beach!

The village of Marathias

The village of Marathias is small in size and quiet. The beach, by comparison, attracts quite a crowd, but with its vastness is not over-packed.


The Blue Flag beach is fully organized with umbrellas and there are also water sports available. There are wonderful traditional tavernas along the beach with authentic Greek and Corfiot cuisine. There are coffee shops and beach bars too.

An excellent suggestion for the accommodation of the visitors of Corfu island that dream of their holidays by the beach is Armeno Resort.

The only resort on the beach of Marathias with facilities that offer the most beautiful summer vacation experience.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Shutterstock
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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