At the foot of the hills, near the Valey of Ropas there is a small traditional village. With no touristic development, it is an interesting pass by for all the visitors that want to enjoy its traditional old buildings, its picturesque, cobbled streets and the Venetian architecture as well as the manicured gardens, elements that you will surely notice.

The village of Marmaro got its name from the production of marble that used to take place at the area, in the past. This Corfiot marble has been used in many buildings, including the iconostasis of the village church which is built in the center and is dedicated to Agia Marina.

The oil mill that is located near the church, is also noteworthy and if you wish to pay a visit you will find it by the name Olive Museum.

In the past, at this area ,the production of the marble took place, a fine example of it, is found in the iconostasis of Agia Marina church located in the center of the village.

Adding to its beautiful surrounding, nature gave the village of Marmaro something unique, a river flows through the middle of the village creating a beautiful setting with the traditional stone bridge connecting the two sides that are formed.

The history of the village takes us back to the 11-12th century, a fact that is reflected in the buildings there.

Marmaro has no tourist infrastructure and the few inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and livestock in the neighboring Valey of Ropa.

If you are in the area, we suggest you to visit the neighboring villages of Giannades  and Kanakades, while the beach in Ermones is only 5 km away.

Photography: H.-Gerd Brunnert
Text Editor: Marilia Makri
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