41 km from the center of Corfu town and crossing the traditional village of Kritika, you will find yourself on a beach that has managed to remain untouched by human interventions and retains the beauty that nature has generously given it.

The versions of the origin of the name Megas Choros

The name of the beach has been associated with the celebration, one version of the origin of the name of the beach wants to be associated with pirates.
According to this version, the pirates set up their dance there after the raids they made in the surrounding areas, a version that is consistent with many historical testimonies about the way in which the villages of southern Corfu were looted, a fact that forced the inhabitants to move to mountainous, as we find in the case of the village of Agios Matheos.
Another conjecture about the origin of the name of this beach is its connection with the traditions of the nearby villages of the area Lefkimmi, like the village Perivoli.
Tradition has it that when the carnival period comes to an end, the locals go at the beach and burn the puppet that represents the Carnival king, then they dance around the fire and celebrate.
Whatever the origin of the name of Megas Choros beach, it is certain that it manages to win the impressions of its visitors who choose it as a place of relaxation to enjoy the sun and the sea on a sandy beach without tourist structures.

Its tranquility and clear waters host locals and visitors looking for an oasis of peace even in the days of August when the island of Corfu is full of bathers.

Before you leave, do not forget to leave the beach clean and take some pictures of the idyllic sunset that spreads its colors in the sky and in its waters

Photography: Little Iremia
Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
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