Be captivated by Corfu’s western coastline’s beauty and enchanted by the caves and rock formations. Dive into turquoise waters that resemble natural pools and experience sunsets like movie scenes. And still, swim in pristine beaches accessible only by sea.


Prefer a small boat for 5 – 8 people that you can sail alone? You can have it after a little training from Mpoukas Boat Rentals’ experienced staff. So, you will visit the places you want, making your own itinerary.

Admire the ornate land formations and choose the beaches where you will hang out. Stelari, Marmara, Rovinia, and many more beautiful beaches await you for an unforgettable experience in Corfu.


Board Mpoukas Boat Rentals’ modern speedboat and live the ultimate summer experience in the endless beauty of the Ionian Sea. Be fascinated by the mythical caves and admire the unique rock formations. Feed the countless schools of fish in the crystal-clear sea. Arrive with us at Paradise Beach, not named for nothing, and dive into its crystal-clear waters. Swim and feel like another Odysseus finding peace on the island of the Phaeacians.

Just before sunset, take part in a cinematic scene against the backdrop of the sunset, in which you are the protagonist. Clink your glasses with the wine we offer you and capture on camera and memory one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, the moment when, before your eyes, the sun king dips and disappears in the waters of the Ionian Sea.


Greece for you means wooden boat, Greek music, and blue waters? Then choose a wooden boat at Mpoukas Boats. Feel that you are in the heart of Greece because this is what happens! The bright sun is spreading on the surface of the sea, the waters are crystal clear and blue, the small bays and the settlements on the hills are like postcards, and the music, takes you on a journey to the authentic Greek culture.

Indulge in a unique experience traveling in the space and time of Greek beauty.


We are at your disposal to make your wish come true. Contact us at What’s Up and book with Mpoukas Boat Rentals the sea excursion of your dreams.

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Text Composing: Aliki Katsarou
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