One of the advantages that the island of Corfu has to offer the visitor is that it is gifted with such great diversity that goes way beyond most classic features of an island – shores, endless blue and sunsets. It has well hidden secrets such as natural landscapes and greenery, caves, archeological sites, wetlands and even waterfalls.

The well-characterized noblewoman of the Ionian, Corfu, therefore reveals her precious jewels to unsuspecting explorers of her mountain villages, which are located at a fair distance from the sea. Fairies, rivers, enchanting waterfalls and mythological secrets are hidden in the vegetation-rich slopes of Mount Pantokrator.

The Nymfes Waterfalls are situated just outside the beautiful homonymous village of Nymfes, in a verdant area with oaks and holly trees.

The village of Nymphs, or Neraidochori, as it was called in antiquity, took its name from the nymph daughters of the Ocean and is hidden on the mountain slopes of Pantokrator.

It is known for its spectacular waterfalls whose history unfolds in the depths of mythology.

This area of ​​the mountain was once full of life as the people of Corfu, wanting to avoid pirates, left the coastal areas and moved to remote, mountainous villages, feeling protected according to mythology, under the roof of demigod fairies. The Nymfes, that gave the village its name, bathe in the emerald waters of the towering, fifteen metre waterfall and hide from the eyes of mortals, thanks to the rich surrounding vegetation.

To reach the Nymfes Waterfalls you have to cross the village, pass the local football stadium just outside of the village and follow the rural dirt road for about one and a half kilometres. The scenery at Nymfes Falls is magical. Rapid water falls from a height of more than 10 metres into a green ravine below. There are two other smaller waterfalls in close proximity as well and since there is a lot of rain on the island in winter, the waterfalls do not dry up in summer.

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Source (2017). “Ο χορός των Νυμφών στους μαγευτικούς καταρράκτες της Κέρκυρας“,


Text Composing: Ada Kiriazi
Photography: Stamatis Gkinis
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
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