The refined aesthetics and quality of its Mediterranean dishes, meets the most beautiful view of the cosmopolitan Marina Gouvia.

A pleasant experience that honors the authentic flavors of Corfu, with rich portions, unobstructed views of the blue sky and the charm of Marina Gouvia.

Its special location combined with the quality and promotion of Mediterranean cuisine, along with the ingredients and raw materials that gastronomically differentiate the island of Corfu, is a wonderful trip that challenges you to experience it.

Your journey begins with a selected list of fine Corfiot wines and selected wine labels from all over Greece and continues with the excellent dish proposals that take Greek cuisine to the next level.

Olympia mare has ensure the quality of its flavors with the continuous evolution of the gastronomic experience to provide their costumers with only the besy of services.

That aim is part of the philosophy of Karydis family and ranks Olympia Mare restaurant in one of the most timeless restaurants on the island.

In its menu you will also find a number of the best selected meat in the world, a plate you can enrich with the add of Greek yogurt or Corfu olive oil and herbs from the Greek mountains.

Olympia mare is an ideal choice for your important moments,

an idel choice to hold your business dinner,Business dinner
Banquet buffet, Wedding reception or Christening reception.

You will find it in Marina Gouvia , Corfu.

Contact number: (+30) 26610 43300



Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Nikos Kormaris
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