This seaside, tourist resort is an ideal base from which to view some of the best places of interest on Corfu. Just 7 km from the city centre, Perama has some of the most special views to be enjoyed on the island.

With unobstructed views of Corfu’s landmarks, Vlacherna Monastery and Pontikonisi (Mouse Island), which are major tourist attractions and where Greek and foreign films have been shot, you can’t help but want to photograph them for yourself! Browse the lovely gift shops or wile away some time over a beverage or meal whilst taking in the tranquil surroundings.

The footbridge

Perama is connected to Kanoni by a pedestrian bridge over the Halikiopoulos lagoon, also known as the “pedestrian bridge”. From this point, at all hours of the day, the fishermen can be seen with their nets, catching fresh fish in the age old traditional way.

After visiting the Monastery of Vlacherna one can take a boat to Pontikonisi and return to enjoy seafood, or Greek and Corfiot cuisine, from the restaurants and tavernas en route.

The wider area is called Kanoni and it is worth walking up the short, staired path to view the magnificent monasteries from an elevated position. The airport is in close proximity and even if you are not a plane spotter, the low flying aeroplanes will definitely catch your eye!

Some amazing photos have been taken at this spot, with the planes passing above, almost within breathing distance and creating a unique spectacle. At the bottom of the bridge there is a pipeline that was installed in 1850 in order to transport water from the hills in Benitses to the city of Corfu.

Perama is an excellent choice for lovers of walks.

Nearby is a path that leads to Gastouri, the settlement that has the famous Achilleion, the palace that Princess Sisi built, with wonderful statues and huge cultural value. After taking a walk back in time in the footsteps of royalty, take a wander through the quaint village of Gastouri to admire the old mansions while taking in the lovely scenery and lush surrounds.

On the south side it is worth walking to the historic “Kaiser Bridge”. Kaiser Bridge was built by the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, to connect this point with his Achilleion Palace. Today, unfortunately, we cannot walk across the bridge, as it was blown up by the German Luftwaffe so as not to obstruct the passage of their military vehicles. We can however admire the remaining part of it and its history.

Transportation and short hops

In Perama there are small beaches for one to enjoy a swim. Perama is a great base for those who want to explore Corfu. The municipal bus service, KTEL, offers routes to villages all over the southern part of the island and to the town centre, with a regular service from Perama running approximately half-hourly daily over the summer months.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Translation - Text Editor: Adelia Cook
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
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