Heading to the southeast coast of Corfu we meet a fishing village with a rich history, images reminiscent of Greece, its picturesque port, its tranquility and simplicity making it an ideal holiday destination.

The ultimate beauty of a Greek scenery, the coastal village that is worth visiting on your summer excursions for its fresh fish, shallow waters and the tranquility it offers.

The names Egrypos and Petritis

The original ancient name of the village Petritis was Erypos as the village is located at the mouth of the river Evripos.

Petritis as the name of the village came from a Byzantine lord to whom the area belonged for a while, who bore the name Petritis or Petretinos. According to information obtained at that time, he then gave the village probably as a dowry to the Palatinos family, whose name is later associated with the Byzantine tower of the Palatines.

the fishing port

There are many places on the island where you can find coastal villages with picturesque ports and taverns. A scene especially loved by locals and visitors to the island, but what makes the port of Petriti special is the fact that it is the main fishing port of Corfu.

In the village of Petritis there are several traditional taverns that for years serve all lovers of good food, with fresh fish right by the sea. The atmosphere will surely take you to more carefree times, to carefree summer vacations and scenes from Greek movies where the groups joined the cicadas that competed in the song and the dives continued at a steady pace until dusk.

In recent years, the residents have been active in the events of the island, while recently a very updated website was created for the village of Petritis, the Village Petriti. A choir department and the Petriti Cultural Association have also been set up in the village.

The Petriti Cultural Association was founded in 2011 and it consists of people who aim to preserve the customs and traditions, with one of the biggest events being the celebration of Panagia Vlacherna and the Varkarola event, additionally participates in many other events from all over the island of Corfu.

There are also the soccer Academies of AO Asteras Petriti since 1992 in order to teach football to the little friends of the village of Petriti and the surrounding areas.

The Roman Baths

A building of 50 sq.m. with irregular stones and walls, which proves that the area was of paramount importance during the years when the Roman conquerors left their mark in many parts of the island. You will find Roman ruins in the villages of Moratika, in Acharavi but also in Benitses where there are ruins of a Roman Villa with baths and mosaic floor.

If you are in the area, you will enjoy your dives on the two beaches with shallow waters, the best fresh fish in one of the taverns, while the nearby areas that hide their own wonderful mysteries to discover such as the neighboring fishing village Boukari are excellent. , the mountain village of Korakades, the villages of Vasilatika, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Dimitrios but also the slightly larger ones such as Chlomos and Argyrades.

Your visit to the traditional villages located higher will give you a complete travel experience in a few minutes, as from the port, the beach and the olive groves of the area you will find yourself in a more mountainous landscape overlooking the blue sea.

The islet of Panagia Vlacherna

Last but not least, we kept an additional information with the islet of Panagia Vlacherna, as they call it. This island is located near the village of Petritis and was once much larger in size. In fact, there was a Temple-Monastery that was built because of the icon of the Virgin Mary that was found there in 1530 AD. The Monastery was destroyed by the Turkish invasions, while the icon was transferred in 1753, passing through the hands of the lord to whom the present village of Petritis / Petretinos belonged to the Palatianos family. Today, in the village of Petritis, one can find a beautiful church dedicated to Panagia ton Vlacherna and Agia Corfu.


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Photography: Little Iremia
Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
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