It is undoubtly, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian, emerald crystal clear waters and white pebbles, in harmonious combination with its dreamy landscape, between the colors of blue and green of nature.
This beautiful small beach is located as a common secret of locals and well-informed visitors, near the area Liapades.

During the summer season it is full of people who fell in love with its beautiful scenery, cool water and white little pebbles. Due to its clear waters one can admire the fairytale seabed of Rovinia with just a simple mask.

The rocky scenery that surrounds it works as a perfect spot to find some shade on these summer days that the sunlight gets too intence and the cave on one side of Rovinia invites explorers to reach its edge and mystery lovers to think of their own stories that could have taken place there. .

To reach Rovinia beach you can either rent a boat from Alipa port or Paleokastritsa. Alternatively, by car or motocycle you follow the route that leads to Liapades beach and in a market you will turn left on the steep uphill, from there, carefully and following the signs you will be led to a dirt road where you will park your car or motocycle and then follow  a walking route that becomes very pleasant when you will approach the alley and you will admire the beautiful view from above.

Afterwards, the steps will lead you directly to the beach, while it is good to have some items you need as there is no umbrella and sunbed and only in the summer months a boat provides water and ice cream for sale.

Many people choose Rovinia beach to spend some quality time their family, there are also others who share some of their Childhood memories at this beach, some who would love to visit it one day and others who place it as their favorite beach on the island!

If you find yourslef wandering around the area of Liapades, you might want to explore the beach of Limni that is located on your way to Rovinia. It is also worth visiting the traditional villages in the area and the beautiful  Paleokastritsa  there you can have a drink, or try the traditional food that many taverns and restaurant have at the area, pay a visit at Corfu Aquarium and visit one of the oldest monasteries on the island, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Paleokastritsa.

Photography: Marilia Makri
Text Composing: Marilia Makri
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