A golden paradise on the southwest coast of the island. Unique beaches, idyllic sunsets, landscapes blessed by nature and unforgettable summer moments for you and your loved ones.

The beach of Chalikounas really has it all! A huge sandy beach separates the lake from the sea and in the background your gaze can only be lost in the alternations of the green landscape, the intense blue of the lake and the colors of the sea at your feet. Due to its large area it will be difficult to explore it on only one visit addionally if you are into of water sports, you will have the opportunity to try Kite Surfing or Wind surfing.

Lake Korission is the largest lake on the island and a very important wetland, a pole of attraction for 126 different species of birds, such as ducks, flamingos, cormorants, hammers and countless impressive butterflies.

The approximately 6,000 acres of the lake, protected by a Natura treaty, include coastal areas, the impressive Ammothines (sand dunes) reach up to 15 meters and the beautiful Kedrodassos. To your experience from this amazing lagoon you can add the white lilies that are found in some places and the 14 different species of orchids.

Issos beach

Next to Lake Korission with the endless sandy beach and its famous dunes, the beach of Issos is blessed in every way. Like the beach of Halikouna, the strong wind of Issos beach also makes it ideal for Kite and Wind Surnfing.

On the beach of Issos you will not find special infrastructure, but that is what makes it stand out, your direct contact with nature, you will have the opportunity to relax in its water and climb in one of its dunes to admire one of the most enchanting sunsets of your life.

Saint George of Argyrades

Clear, shallow waters and endless sandy beach, with plenty of activities and fully organized can worthily accommodate young and old of all ages for their most beautiful summer memories.
The place is ideal for night entertainment but also for gourmets with separate scattered taverns.
The evolution of Saint George of Argyrades /Agios Georgios area into a tourist resort, changed it a lot,giving a variety of options in the accomondation, restaurants and entertainment but the beauty of its sunsets remains the same.


An endless sandy beach with clear waters, activities, beach bars etc. and pristine quiet parts where you can relax and enjoy the waters and the blessings of nature in the area of Marathias, a beach that combines everything you need for a summer experience.

In Marathias there are several options in restaurants and beach bars like wave beach bar and Sirens.

The beach borders with Santa Barbara or Malta Beach for the locals, but also the favorite beach of camping lovers everywhere, the Mega Choros beach which can be reached through a somewhat more inaccessible road for a conventional vehicle.

Gardenos Viitalades

About 30 km from the center of the island and at its southwestern end dominates the beautiful beach Gardenos.

The small river that divides into two parts and flows into the sea gave it its main name and Vitalades comes from the beautiful traditional village that leads you to the beach. With a whiter shade on the beach and calm shallow waters it is an ideal destination for relaxation, idyllic or family moments.
In a small port you will see the boats of the villagers and walking from the beach you will have the opportunity to visit another beach in Mikri Lakka.

Megali Lakka Kanoula

Peculiar and accessible exclusively from the neighboring Gardenos Beach, this beach is ideal for you to take the initiative of your equipment. Without sunbeds and tourist infrastructure you will only see your own footprints on its golden sand.

Text Composing: Marilia Makri
Photography: Eddie Kastamonitis
Photography: Shutterstock
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