“Saturday Night Fever”; Or just your favorite day of the week.

Saturday night was and will always be the most perfect opportunity to pick a place that you and your friends will enjoy.

Live Greek music, delicious dishes and a cozy atmosphere are definitely a perfect match.

We collected all the information you need in order to choose your new favorite place in Corfu. We are proud to present the top 5 restaurant and taverns with live music and delicious food.


Incredibly popular with both locals and visitors, Tsantsamini is located in the heart of the old town of Corfu. It is known for its homemade delicious food, the neat atmosphere that the owners have lovingly created and the live music events in the evenings.

With many events throughout the week and of course on Saturday night, all you have to do is pick a day and reserve a table at Tsantsamini and of course be there on time, at Ypapantis 7, reservation phone: 2661 024920


Brusko is a family business that opened 16 years ago. All these years it has maintained the interest of those who visit it and especially those who taste the traditional Brusco wine, of their own production, from which they gave the name of the tavern.

Saturday night is especially popular, because in addition to the delicious meze, roasts, homemade food and traditional flavors of Brusco, there is also  live greek music that will lift your spirits.

You will find it in the area Kombitsi, reservation phone :6978182356 / 2661052205

To Peitharxeio

To Peitharxeio is more about a great night out than exceptional eating. The musical program that the experienced musicians have created is going to give you the Greek night fun feeling you have seen in the movies. For the Greek repertoire lovers, the experience doesn’t get any more authentic than this, at To Peitharxeio you will eat, drink and dance for sure.

Located just a few minutes from the city center at Ethnikis Antistaseos 28.

Reservation phone: 6 987 2438

To Apomero

A welcoming musical tavern that stands out both in winter and summer. Traditional Greek food, slow-cooked Corfiot dishes, plenty of appetizers and live music with guitar and bouzouki will definitely make you want to come back every time.
Whether you visit it on a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon, you will enjoy the resident band consisting by Irini and Makis that will make you sing and move to the rhythm.

Find “To Apomero”, in the traditional village of Giannades, Agioi Anargyroi.
Reservation phone: 697 085 9096

Folia tis geusis

“Folia tis geusis” is located at Ethnikis Antistaseos 28 in Emporiko area. It has grilled meat, greek delicacy kontosouvli, traditional greek appetizers and local wine by the fireplace.

Try the “Folia tis geusis” dish with your friends and we definitely recommend you to share a delicious variety of meats. As for the music, on Saturday night the singers, Fanis Kazianis and Katerina Parisi sing all the popular authentic greek songs. Additional days with live music are the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. For information and reservations contact 6974320802 and 26610 34478.

Whatever you choose, Saturday night deserves our best mood, our favorite company and of course delicious food and great atmosphere.

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