It is one of the most modern “Co-working” spaces in Europe, located at 19 Donatou Dimoulitsa street, just a few meters from Saroko Square, and it is the first Co-Working space of its kind in Corfu.

Minimal and yet welcoming, Silicon Urban Ecosystem co-working space combines high-end technology with professional flexibility.


Silicon’s services are ideal for:

  • Travelers and digital nomads who choose to work from beautiful Corfu combining work and leisure.
  • Those who work remotely.
  • Those who work from home.
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals who need a very modern meeting area, a silent booth for their communication, or an equipped space for a presentation.
  • Simply anyone who needs a few hours/days/weeks to work effectively in an energetic, inspiring space with invulnerable Wi-Fi speeds.

A Space Made for Inspiration and Productivity

Silicon coexists in the city as a welcoming venue of high-quality services.

From the outside – one can view people working at their hot desks while experiencing positive vibes from the large glass-fronted space.

Hot Desks are Silicon Urban Ecosystem’s “Hot Point” – as we offer a unique venue in stunning Corfu Town with internet speed of up to 250 Mbps – thanks to the Starlink satellite system.

The pleasant and welcoming lobby is an inviting addition to the work space offering tables for coffee breaks and food or if you crave a bit of socializing or a little extra surfing before you get back to work.

All of Silicon’s eco-friendly spaces – from the privacy shades, equipment, pleasant temperature, and even the relaxing soft music enhances productivity, reduces tension, and stimulates creative thinking.

As most of the walls are glass, the space offers a sense of coexistence with the outside world while maintaining total soundproofing for uninterrupted concentration – all the while rendering human contiguity.

Entering the World of “Silicon” you can:

  • Access Silicon without an appointment, sit at your hot desk and work away from distractions.
  • Slip into a silent booth – make your phone and video calls with undivided concentration and zero disturbance.
  • Lease an office for long-term use on your own or with your company partners.
  • Lease a space for your meetings by calling +302661141357 or emailing
  • Attend seminars offered here – perhaps one is of interest to you or you may organize your own seminar.
  • Finally, search for or offer employment through our recruiting agency services.


In addition to being an ideal environment for work productivity, Silicon is the quintessential environment for meeting and exchanging ideas between professionals from all different backgrounds.

What is a Coworking Space

Co-working spaces have become a trend in many cities around the world in recent years.

It is a “collaborative working model” that not only serves but also excites thousands of creative individuals.

It offers a set of services like those of the Silicon Urban Ecosystem described above.

Through these services, coworking spaces help reduce the stress of professionals who enjoy high-aesthetic offices, fully equipped, top WIFI speeds, a peaceful work environment, and contact with professionals of the same philosophy.

In practice, co-working spaces ensure cost savings, and convenience through the use of shared infrastructure such as equipment, utilities, reception, concierge services, café, parcel pick-up services, and cleaning of the space.

Above all, professionals who choose a coworking space are consciously participating in a modern concept of work and daily joy!

After all, coworking spaces are where new ideas, new businesses, and innovations are born.

Digital nomads know very well that co-working spaces ensure creativity and efficiency no matter where they are in the world and that is why they choose them.

Since opening its doors in November 2023 “The Silicon Urban Ecosystem” is a monumental reason for any digital nomad to choose beautiful Corfu as their next exciting destination.

We look forward to seeing you at Silicon!

Text Composing: Aliki Katsarou
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