Situated at Marathias beach it is a tropical oasis, with a lovely combination of stylish and rustic decor.

The emphasis on wood and the abundance of green plants makes it a perfect place to unwind. Plush, designer crafted wooden beds and sunbeds, as well as colourful canvas hammocks, entice one to laze while enjoying the sandy beach with its crystal clear waters and refreshing ocean breezes.

At Sirens Beach Bistro one can lose track of time while listening to the calming rhythms of chill music. It is an ideal place to meet friends for cool cocktails, beverages and snacks and have a unique summer experience! Choose a creative cocktail with flavours that suit your personal taste and mood.

Every year, Sirens Beach Bistro’s innovative and already vast list of tantilizing cocktails is added to, with new combinations of vegetables, fruits and ingredients that go beyond the usual, acquirong them more patrons; lovers of music, of great atmosphere and of the excellent service they provide.

Sirens Beach Bistro offers relaxation and appeals to the senses. Perched right on this delightful, west coast sandy beach, which has been so blessed by nature, it only takes one a number of steps to experience Marathias’s invigorating waters.

The perfect haven for relaxation and fun!

Telephone number for enquiries and reservations :+30 698 441 9817

FB: sirensbeachbistro
IG: sirens.corfu

Text Editor: Μαρίλια Μακρή
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